Victory! Major Airlines join to ban transportation of endangered species…

We are hugely excited to announce that after 2 decades of campaigning for lions’ protection, we are greatly encouraged that many of the major airlines have now pledged not to carry the trophies of endangered species on their flights, in the response to the tragic killing of the famous Zimbabwean lion Cecil.

The list of airlines taking a principled position:

Delta Airlines

British Airways

Virgin Atlantic

American Airlines

United Airlines

Air France



Singapore Airlines




Brussels Airlines


Air Canada 

Below is a list of the Courier/Cargo Companies:

IAG Cargo

Lufthansa Cargo

Emirates Air Cargo

We hope that others will follow, especially the cargo companies.

Boycott: South African Airlines (SAA) as they still support the carrying of animal trophies. 

Sign the Petition to SAA to stop transporting wildlife trophies

Sign the Petition to Fedex to stop transporting wildlife trophies


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PAL partners with the White Lion Trust

We’re proud to be partnering with PAL (Protecting African Lions) who are donating ALL the proceeds from their iconic bracelets to the White Lions.

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