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2015 Dates: 17th July to 15th August

The White Lion Leadership Academy goes beyond any other leadership program:
It is an essential programme for any lion-hearted individual wishing to equip themselves with the tools to make a meaningful difference in today’s world.

The objective of the Academy is to inspire and empower participants to embody White Lion leadership principles, and improve their own intellectual, emotional and physical wellbeing, as well as the wellbeing of our planet. The program is an empowered process, which will support participants in their ability to act from the heart in making a meaningful difference to their own circumstances and their environment.

The Academy program is a CALL TO ACTION – equipping each participant with the lion-hearted values and intuitive courage to take their enhanced and heightened awareness into hard, fast, realistic and practical application in our critical times. The program is an empowerment process, a quickening and fine-tuning of consciousness, which will support participants in their ability to act from the heart in their quest for the ethical enhancement of
their own circumstances and that of their environment.

Combining ancient wisdom with modern leading edge application:
This world-first learning program combines ancient wisdom with modern leading edge application. It draws together people from all walks of life in a powerfully transformative way and equips all parties with the tools to become effective agents of positive change in our challenging times.
The program provides fine-tuned attention to the nature of Leadership, and what it means to implement leadership principles in fulfillment of your own life’s purpose, and in service of humanity and our planet at this time. The Academy is supervised by South African experts in various fields of leadership endeavor and traditional healers, as well as lecturers of international acclaim, such as Andrew Harvey, renowned author on Sacred Warriorship (and friend of the Dalai Lama) and indigenous wisdom keepers such as Dr Apela Colorado (President of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network).

Further you studies:
Affiliated with Wisdom University (USA), participants may choose to take their leadership qualifications into academic degrees.

In the White Lions heart of the White Lion ancestral territories:
The annual 3 year program takes place in the White Lion Trust’s 2 000 hectares of protected area, in the White Lions heart of the White Lion ancestral territories of the Greater Timbavati region, in the epicenter of the UN-declared Kruger to Canyons Biosphere.

Achieve a quantum leap in consciousness, and open the way to alternative methods of solving today’s crisis in a way that is mutually beneficial for people and the environment.

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Words from Lecturers, Supervisors and Academy Participants:
“The great changes pounding our earth bring new revelations alongside immense confusion and disorientation in global civilization. The acceleration of processes fosters new pathways, some may call “portals,” to new dimensions of being for all of humanity. Reliable guidance and authentic wisdom is essential for riding such powerful waves effectively—The White Lion Leadership Academy answers this call and offers an incredible program tailored to bring the best out of participants and provide them with tools and strategies to live and deliver their mastery.”

“My first year experience already saw people from radically different backgrounds, young tribesmen alongside westerners, spiritual seekers, activists, or simply, people with an honest desire to learn, find a new spark, a glow in their eyes, as they got in touch with the deeper essence of their lives and existence as a whole. It is a rite of passage, a process that requires tremendous dedication, but undeniably, their lion power was awakened, and already, many managed to shed burdens of their past to step into their true identity.”

“The program is founded on most ancient wisdom and cutting edge knowledge, it is inspirational and practical, with content of highest quality; but beyond that, the heart and might of White Lions permeates every moment and makes so much more than what it seems.”

- Maurice Fernandez (Author, Evolutionary Astrologer)

“Attending the White Lion Leadership Academy is the single, best thing I have done for myself. I understand who I am in a much deeper way, I have gained confidence in myself and become more aware of when I am self-sabotaging. I have gained in strength and discipline to do the things I know I need to do to help myself, and help the World around me. I have accessed a courage I didn’t know I had and I regularly connected with a much deeper part of myself, something that had rarely happened before. I became more conscious, more accepting, more tolerant and more forgiving. This course really does do what it ‘says on the box’. However, it is not easy, it requires hard work, dedication and commitment but the rewards are ‘Out of this World!”

Janine Morris Opheim (Participant)