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Tula House and Guest Rooms Diagram:

Please note that Tula House and Guest Rooms are approximately a short 200m walk from the Unicorn property. Both are contained within the same grounds surrounded by the same wire fence.
Tula GuestHouse-Diagram-Labled-920x300_Snapseed

Tula House and Guest Rooms – 360 View

Instructions for 360 Tula House and Guest Rooms Below:

  • Below is a 360 view of our beautiful Tula House and Guest Rooms. (If the image seems grainy, it has not finished loading.)
  • Hover your mouse cursor above the 360 picture below.
  • Hold down your keyboard’s left and right arrow keys to turn the 360 view.
  • OR…hold down your left mouse button, or your finger on your laptop pad, and drag to swivel the picture around to view Tula in 360 degrees. Swipe fast across the 360 view and let go of your mouse button to rotate the picture quickly.
  • You can also use the plus + or minus – signs to zoom in and out.  
  • Or see the full screen version here