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Animals That Roam Our Lands

Thanks to our own extraordinary bushman and in-house talented photographer – Neil Bone and fellow volunteer – Marcel Scioville – for most of these amazing pictures of our animals.

Spotted Eagle Owl – (Small)

Eland – (Relaxing)

An Eland relaxes as he eats some dinner


A serval checks things out on the horizon

Tawny Eagle

a tawny eagle stares from afar

Martial Eagle

A martial eagle watches over us as we drive to work

Dark Chanting Goshawk

A goshawk looks curiously as we drive by into town.

Banded Mongoose

A banded mongoose surprising us at the office early morning.

Lilac Brested Roller

One amazingly colored bird resting on a small branch at out Mbube property.


One of our beautiful Nyala roams the bush

Crested Barbet

A crested barbet finds breakfast on one of our ant hills

Dwarf Mongoose

A mongoose pops up and says hello while we drive safely by.


One of our famous zebras who hangs out with wildebeest instead of his own kind.


One of our elands poses for a photo in front of a neighboring zebra.


A beautiful hornbill sits and relaxes on one of our trees


One of our beautiful jackals that roam free

Spotted Eagle Owl

A spotted eagle owl rests on one of our security gates


A rare yet welcome site right outside of our office! A cheetah looks across around for company


Wildebeest move in herds across all our camps.


A giraffe peeks through to say hello as we quietly pass by

Impala – Female

Some female impalas take notice as we approach with caution

White-Backed Vulture

One of our vultures gives us a questioning look

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