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Freedom is a Divine Right

The White Lion is a genetic rarity of Panthera leo, which has been birthed in one region only on earth: the Greater Timbavati, in southern Africa. For this reason, Timbavati was declared a sacred site by African shamans and kings. “Tsimbavati” means: “the Place where the Starlions came down”. While ancient legend regards the White Lions as the most sacred animals on the African continent, our epoch has seen the worst atrocities perpetuated against these kings of the wild. They have been forcibly removed from their natural kingdom into trophy hunting operations in South Africa, and zoos and circuses around the globe.Having survived successfully in their endemic habitat for many hundreds of years, these artificial removals by man resulted in the White Lions’ technical extinction in the wild. Today, the White Lion is still not protected by law. After many years of bureaucratic struggle and battling the hardened habits of a growing hunting industry, the Global White Lion Protection Trust has initiated the world-first reintroduction of these rare animals back to their natural habitat in a landmark conservation initiative which re-establishes free-roaming White Lions in their rightful birthplace in the wild.

Scientific Research : Radio collar and GPS tracking telemetry ensure that the lions’ where-abouts can be monitored at all times for safety reasons.
Scientific Reintroduction Program : The WLT genetic study will help to classify and protect the White Lions in their endemic habitat in the wild.
Habitat Management : Habitat and fence lines need constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure the security and well-being of the pride.
Lion Predation : Their hunting successes break all records, hunting on moonlit nights and in broad daylight. Average predation is a wildebeest every three days.
Monitoring & Anti-Poaching : Anti-poaching teams patrol the electric fence lines daily. All fences are solar-powered.
Veterinary Care : The WLT has qualified veterinary staff at hand. Additionally, in cases of an emergency the best lion veterinary care is obtained.


: King of Kings, Mandla’s name means “Power”. Rescued from a canned hunting camp, Mandla now roams freely in his endemic habitat of Greater Timbavai bushveld. Indigenous people of the region believe he holds the energy of true leadership on earth. Just as Nelson Mandela holds the spirit of authentic power in the human kingdom, so Mandla represents the true spirit of the inherent power of nature in the animal kigdom. The King has returned to his kingdom, ushering in a new era of true leadership and peace.
Letaba : Handsome and outgoing, he’s been fitted with the radio collar because he’s the more adventurous of the two brothers. Generous and lionhearted, he’s ready to take risks and get blood and mud on his face. He’ll get hurt then pick himself up again, shake the porcupine quills from his mane, then pad off into the sunset.
Regeus : Ambassador of the pride, wise and noble, a prince in waiting. Speak to Regeus if you want to get a message to the other pride-members. His attitude towards hunting: confident and laid-back, ” I think I’ll let my mother and sister do that for me!” When the hunt is initiated, he’s the last to respond, but the first to take the Lionshare!
Zihra : Most beautiful of all beauties, Zihra holds her own against her brawny brothers. Loving, bold and courageous, she’ll ambush her brothers when they least expect it – then climb a tree to get out of harms way. She’s determined and tenacious, stealthy and fleet-footed, and following proudly in her mother’s paw-prints…
Khanyisa : Khanyisa’s name means “Star” in SeTsonga. Khanyisa is a formidable huntress, and often the more daring of the two golden girls. She is typically first to initiate a hunt.
Nyeleti : Nyeleti’s name means “Star” in Zulu. Nyeleti is cautious and strategic in approching the hunt. She is decisive and precise, leader rather than warrior. Her caution is balanced only by her curiousity and mischievous nature.
Matsieng : The name Matsieng derives from the African equivalent of Hercules or the “star hunter”.
Zukhara : Zukhara was named in honour of a magnificent tawny male that was trophy hunted in the Timbavati.
Nebu : The name Nebu derives from the world for Egyptian gold from which the Ankh was made in ancient times.


White Lion Days of Freedom

1 Day of Freedom for 1 White Lion

  • South African Rand = R550.00
  • British Pound = £33.00
  • U.S. Dollar = $53.00

1 Week of Freedom for 1 White Lion

  • South African Rand = R3,850.00
  • British Pound = £225.00
  • U.S. Dollar = $368.00

1 Month of Freedom for 1 White Lion

  • South African Rand = R17,050.00
  • British Pound = £997.00
  • U.S. Dollar = $1,633.00

Year of Freedom for 1 White Lion

  • South African Rand = R200,750.00
  • British Pound = £11,744.00
  • U.S. Dollar = $19,239.00


Global White Lion Protection Trust
Standard Bank, South Africa
Account Number: 420070176
Branch Code: 001255
Intenational Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ


One Day of Freedom is calculated according to actual predation and veterinary costs, anti-poaching activities, fence maintenance, re-stocking of prey-animals, essential habitat management and the cost of monitoring around the clock.




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