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You may know that the original Heartlands of the White Lions is an ancient sacred site, declared protected by African kings for many hundreds of years before South Africa’s National Park was designated. This sacred site is called Tsau, meaning ‘StarLion’. It is here, in the epicenter of the Kruger to Canyons (a UNESCO Biosphere region) that the Global White Lion Protection Trust has secured approx 4,400 acres of wilderness heritage lands – which  heartlands are sadly surrounded by predator-proof fencing to ensure the Lions’ protection, since beyond our borders legalised commercial trophy hunting of lions still takes place.

In White Lion territories, we measure value in Days of Freedom: essentially what it costs our non-profit organisation to ensure the freedom and safety of every single one of our lions every single day –  free-roaming in the heart of their Protected Area, as is their nature-given right.

One Day of Freedom costs (conservatively): US $85

We invite you to consider measuring your gifting in terms of Days of Freedom for the StarLions. In the White Lion Heartlands, the living legend of the White Lions as “StarLions” shines brightly in the hearts of our conservation team and our communities.

Our NPO performs the responsibilities we should all be demanding from our governing authorities: protecting nature as a regional, national and global heritage.  In the midst of a global lion crisis that treats Africa’s most sacred animals as a killing commodity in cross-border trade, we have created a safe haven where these magnificent kings and queens of animals can not only live in dignity, but perform their critical physical and metaphysical purpose of restoring balance in one of the most important ecosystems in the world – and inspire a shift to true service-based LionHearted Leadership™ in humanity.

White Lion Days of Freedom

1 Day of Freedom

  • For one lion of your choice
  • $85

1 Week of Freedom

  • For one lion of your choice
  • $595

1 Week of Freedom

  • For the Tsau pride
  • $2380

1 Week of Freedom

  • For the Royal Trinity
  • $1785

1 Week of Freedom

  • For Letaba’s pride
  • $2380

1 Week of Freedom

  • For Regeus’s pride
  • $3570

If you donate  – you will also receive some exciting gifts from the lions, see bottom of the page for more detail.

Global White Lion Protection Trust Standard Bank, South Africa
Account Number: 420070176
Branch Code: 001255
International Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ


The Day of Freedom rate is based on the following:

Scientific Research
Radio collars and GPS tracking telemetry ensure that the lions’ whereabouts can be monitored at all times for safety reasons. The White Lion Trust genetic study will help to classify and protect the White Lions.

Monitoring and Anti-Poaching
Anti-poaching teams patrol the electric fence lines daily. All fences are solar powered.

Lion Predation
Their hunting successes break all records, hunting on moonlit nights and in broad daylight. Their average predation is one wildebeest every three days.

Habitat Management
Habitat and fence lines need to be constantly maintained to ensure the security and well-being of the prides.

Veterinary Care
The Global White Lion Protection Trust has qualified veterinary staff at hand. Additionally, in cases of emergency, the best lion veterinary care is obtained.

Meet the StarLions

The Founders

Marah Marah – whose name “Ma-Ra” means Mother of the Sun, was the sacred lioness prophesied by the African elders, born in a death camp in Bethlehem, South Africa. After learning to hunt within weeks of gaining her freedom, she and her three cubs thrived in the heartlands.
 Mandla   Mandla (meaning ‘StarLion’) was rescued from a notorious canned hunting operation in Bethlehem, South Africa. His paw print may be fading from the sands, but from the Timbavati Heartlands to the Holy Land; his wisdom will never be forgotten.

In gifting a Day of Freedom to Marah or Mandla, you will support their royal lineage who survives and flourishes in their natural heritage lands, against great odds.

The Royal Trinity

Zihra Zihra is one of 3 “Rays of Sunshine” born to Marah, Mother of the Sun. The word “Zihra” means ‘first Ray of Sunshine’ in the Islamic root languages. Loving, bold and courageous, she herself is now an incredible mother of her own three cubs, and a fearsome hunter.
Nebu Nebu’s name derives from the word for Egyptian “gold” sourced from the River of Stars, Nebula. Daughter of Zihra and Mandla, Nebu has grown into a formidable young lioness – a born leader and excellent hunter – and always fiercely protective of her brothers.
Assagaia Assagaia is an ancient name which means the shield of stars that protects “Mother Earth”. Spectacularly handsome yet humble, this emerging king has stepped up and into the giant pawprints of his predecessor, Mandla, walking starlight into the Heartlands.

Letaba’s Pride

Letaba Marah’s first born and one of the two Akeru Brothers, Letaba’s generous and kind-hearted nature is legend.  A sacred warrior, he is bold and adventurous. His patience, paternal love and kindness reached its full expression in fatherhood, when Ingwavuma II arrived.
Khanyezi Khanyezi – derives from African origins, meaning ‘Central Star’. Despite both experiencing incredible traumas, she and Khanyisa have integrated beautifully into the Akeru Pride, with Letaba as their handsome chaperone, who adores them equally.
Ingwavuma II Our Little Prince, Ingwavuma II, was born on the 8:8th StarGate Portal to Marah’s son Letaba, and the glorious Khanyezi. Pure charm and personality, it was clear he was going to be an ambassador from day one: a true LionHearted Leader in the very near future.
Khanyisa Khanyisa’s name derives from African roots meaning ‘StarLight’. The birth of little Ingwavuma II, who was “midwived” by Khanyisa, brought new light into her life, and he expresses as much demonstrative affection for his ‘auntie’ as his own mom.

Regeus’s Pride

Regeus Son of Marah, the name Regeus means “first Ray of Sunshine” in the Latin root languages, associated with the word Regent, or Sun King. While his brother, Letaba, is the warrior king, he is the philosopher king: wise and laid-back, always attending to his grooming.
Gaia “Gaia” derives from Indian roots meaning the Sacred Feminine ‘Mother Earth’. Although she and her brother, Assagaia, had been free-roaming in a wildlife reserve, they both took time to settle in the Heartlands and exhibited suspicion and anger towards humans.
The Royal Tots Gaia’s demeanour changed, however, once she met her King, Regeus, who worshipped the very ground she walked on. Their courtship was finally crowned with the arrival of four little Stars, born to Mother Earth, Gaia. Marah’s Royal bloodline is flourishing!

The Tsau Pride

Matsieng ‘Matsieng’ derives from the Orion Star Constellation and is understood to be the African equivalent of Hercules, Great “Star Hunter”. Hugely handsome and curious of nature, Matsieng is a living expression of Orion: a Star Warrior in flesh and form.
Cleopatra Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, is a magnificent matriarch, donated by a neighbouring reserve after she spent five years trying to cross the borders to join our Prides – including swimming across the Nile (Tsau) river and digging her way under an electric fence!
Zukhara The name Zukhara is associated with the Matters of the Heart, or LionHeart. Majestic, confident, and powerful, Zukhara has never left his brother Matsieng’s side, unless he is enticed to do so by one of the beautiful temptresses in his pride.
Tswalu “Tswalu” derives from the land of her origins in the Kalahari, meaning ‘New Beginnings’. She navigated many hardships, charting her path from strength to strength to take a position of supremacy alongside Cleopatra, whose love she shares with the pride males.

If you donate…

1 x day of freedom for your lion of choice – you will receive a personalised electronic thank-you card.

1 x week of freedom for your lion of choice – you will receive three stunning, professional, high-res digital images of the lion(s) of your choice, and monthly email updates on the prides.

1 x month of freedom for your lion of choice – you will receive accommodation for 2 nights for two people* at our Camp Unicorn (2x daily game drives included).

10 x weeks of freedom for your lion of choice – you will receive accommodation for 2 nights for 2 people* in our VIP romantic treehouse, overlooking the Heartlands and the Drakensberg mountain range (2x daily game drives included).

*Subject to availability. To be claimed within 1 year of donation. Applies to future bookings only.


We would like to acknowledge each and every donation we receive – and for this, we need your help!

Bank statements give us an amount, but they don’t tell us who you are or how to contact you. Please email us: when you make a donation, no matter what size.

That way, we can let you know when it arrives safely, and we can thank you appropriately and/or arrange to send you your ‘gift’. We can also send you a Donation Certificate for tax claim purposes if you would like one.

May the generosity of your Heart bring you abundant blessings!

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