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Lorraine Turner

The White Lion Trust is hugely privileged to have the support of Lorraine Turner.

A bit about Lorraine …

Winner of two Emmy Awards as one of the lead designers for a US professional sports team and recipient of multiple comics industry awards at the San Diego International Comic-Con, Lorraine Turner is a textile artist and illustrator, who also draws and writes books and graphic novels. She is currently the Art Director of the Library of American Comics and works from her studio in Clearwater, Florida.


Lorraine has established a unique place for herself in the world of textile art. She combines her varied experience as a watercolorist, commercial artist, children’s wear designer, and television animator with her love for all things fabric to create multi-textured, one-of-a-kind textile art.

White Lion Artwork
Each piece tells a story and she uses a variety of objects to relate those stories. Any given piece can be stitched and felted with anything from burlap, shoelaces, bridal lace, and dupioni silk to repurposed items and cast-offs found in thrift shops or that pair of old jeans in the bottom of a dresser. Everything helps create texture and everything helps to construct the story being told—the story of the white lions.

Supporting White Lions Through Art
All of the proceeds of these artworks go to support the endangered white lions at the White Lion Trust.  We are so incredibly grateful to Lorraine for all her efforts and support that she has provided to the Trust over the past few years.


Please visit the gallery to view all of the white lion textile artwork available for purchase. Custom white lion artwork is also available. Click here to visit Lorraine’s Website.


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