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Ecologist’s Journal

Akeru Lionesses Successfully Relocated To Mbube!

Written by Jason A. Turner
Thurs 6th Dec 2012

The next major step for the lions was a total success! Two days ago we darted and moved the two Golden Lionesses from their territory at Shidolo to the 5 acre  acclimation boma at their new territory of Mbube.
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29th August 2012:  “Relocating the Royal Couple and the Akeru Males”

Written By: Emily Henson & Jason Turner
Wednesday, 29 August 2012 15:06pm

It has been an extremely busy time, here at the Global White Lion Protection Trust, in facilitating the next steps for the Royal Pride and Akeru Pride. In order to simulate Nature as closely as possible, a huge operation was undertaken to relocate 4 of our White Lions involving a small team of staff and professionals: Linda  Tucker (CEO), Angela  Neumann (donor and specialist animal communicator), Jason Turner (Lion Ecologist) and the outstanding veterinarian that assists the Trust, Dr Peter Rogers and his assistant Janelle Genis. Thanks to the expertise and care taking by all concerned the relocation was a total success, with minimal impact and stress to the lions.

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Royals Reign Supreme! (October 23, 2011)

Written by Jason Turner
Friday, 23 October 2011 14:45pm

Yesterday was a spectacular day and night with the Royal Pride.
We located them at dawn out on the Marah Plains, all 5 lying together, incredibly playful and affectionate, especially Mandla with his sons. Amazing to see 3 huge males so loving to each other. But the pride was clearly on a mission, with Zihra leading the 5 across the plains mid morning and settling at a good ambush position near the Marah River crossing. Read More…

May 5th 2011: Royal Pride Thriving In The Wild And Ready For Next Steps!

Written by Jason Turner
Wednesday, 29 June 2011 19:20

The Royal Pride is doing fantastically in their natural habitat, and they are ready for the next exciting steps as the white lion conservancy expands!
With Zihra leading the way, the Royal Pride has honed the necessary skills to survive and dominate in their natural environment. The pride has hunted prey as large as adult male kudu, waterbuck and eland. A few months back the Royal trio – Nebu, Matsieng and Zukhara – went on two solo hunting missions and showed that they have what it takes, when they successfully hunted an adult wildebeest in each instance. Mandla held his own when he was confronted face-to-face by the neighbouring Kapama male lion (8 yr old wild born black-maned tawny lion) in a territorial dispute. And this morning Mandla showed his mettle when he led a warthog hunt, excavating a huge warthog boar from its night-time burrow – Zihra having taught Mandla and their 3 offspring the skill of hunting warthog and avoiding their razor sharp tusks that can inflict serious injury.

By Jason Turner

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White Lions Apex Predators! (March 14, 2007)

Written by Jason Turner
Wednesday, 14 March 2007 11:03

The white lion pride has been surviving self-sufficiently at Tsau! for 9.5 months now. Having made a minimum of 75 recorded kills to-date, many during daylight and on moonlit nights, the white lions are proving themselves to be apex predators in their natural habitat.

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White Lions Hunt Successfully Days After Release

(October 14, 2006)
Written by Jason Turner
Friday, 20 October 2006 13:08

On Freedom Day, four white lions took their first steps in the wild, marking their return to the Greater Timbavati region. Having been extinct in the wild for over 12 years. This is a landmark in the Global White Lion Protection Trust’s conservation efforts to return free-roaming white lions to the area to which they were endemic.

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