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South Africa’s Heritage Day gives each one of us the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the White Lions as a living heritage in the hearts and minds of humanity. Moreover, it reminds us of our interconnectedness with Nature and our role in handing over the Flame of Life to future generations, as indigenous peoples did for thousands of years before us.

Journalist Shamin Chibba was first invited to the Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2016 with a team of media professionals in preparation for his coverage of the CITES COP17. What he found was a community organisation working tirelessly to protect the sacred lions. He returns in 2023 to speak to its CEO, Linda Tucker, in a series of Q&As. The first looks at how, in the face of merciless exploitation of our natural world, we can turn rage into positive action.

In the second StarLion featurette, Linda remembers her Lion Guardian, Ingwavuma I. The “spirit-in-form” lion had entered Linda’s dreams as a child and, later, introduced himself in the flesh – a reminder of the primordial agreement through which we were gifted the use of Fire and all that it represents by way of the continuity of Life.

We are excited to kick off the new year by sharing an exciting update on the Tsau Pride! Two and a half years have passed over the COVID period, but while the world came to a standstill for humans, Nature in the Heartlands continued to flourish. The White Lions in our founder prides were identified by...

9 February 2020 Honourable Members of the Committee At this critical turning point for the planet, we call on the British Prime Minister and honourable members of the British Parliament to lead by example by prohibiting trophy hunting imports at UK ports, and thereby place the regeneration of our living Earth at the centre of all decisions...

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