Game of Thrones Star joins 111 Miles Events to help endangered White Lions and encourages others to join in

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“Ann’s challenge to run 111 miles to raise money and awareness to help save the white lions of Africa is truly inspirational. The white lions are astonishing creatures; magical, regal and powerful, but globally there are only 500 left in captivity and less than 13 in the wild. We need to get off the sofa and walk, jog or run to help both the lions and ourselves.” Jerome Flynn

3 years ago Ann Fowler, a loyal supporter of the White Lion Trust, did no running whatsoever and described herself as a ‘couch potato’! The sad loss of her mum to cancer changed all that and she decided she wanted to give something back to the hospice who had helped her mum so she did a sponsored run for them. Now she’s doing 15 sponsored runs for the White Lions, totalling 111 miles! This is where we need your help – our goal is to get a pride of runners to join her for the remaining 9 events. So it doesn’t matter whether you walk, run, skip or dance around the course nor does it matter how long it takes you it’s all about TAKING PART and SHOWING UP for the lions.

Her 111 miles includes all the UK runs in the Great Run Series. Ann started her challenge in January 2015 with the Great Winter Run and is finishing in October 2015 in Portsmouth with The Great South Run. She wanted to do something to help the white lions and decided that running 111 Miles would help to raise awareness and funding for the White Lion Trust. Her daughters Poppy aged 10 and Jessica aged 7, are joining their mum on a number of the challenges.

We were incredibly honoured to have Actor Jerome Flynn, patron of the Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT), to the Birmingham Great Run alongside Ann Fowler to show his continued support for the White Lion Trust charity.

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The White Lion Trust is appealing for more people to get involved in the cause by taking part in one of the events to walk jog or run with Ann, creating a lions’ pride for each event. There are 9 events left that you can get involved in between July and October this year. Ann has an individual target of £2,000, while the whole White Lion Pride is aiming to raise in excess of £10,000!





Please MAKE A DIFFERENCE AND GO THE DISTANCE – Below is a list of the events you can join us in.

[table id=1]

So what do you need to do?


If you are up for one or several of these runs…

1) Sign up for your event here – and click on ‘Events’ in the menu

2) Then go to our Just Giving Page click – Join the Team – and create your own fundraising page or if you already have your own fundraising page just link it to our team page – Click here for instructions

3) We will send your your FREE White Lions T-Shirt (as shown above by Ann and Jerome)

4) Get training!


If you’re not up for moving your feet but would like to support please sponsor any of our runners
on the White Lion Pride page HERE

If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions, please contact us on or call us on +44 (0)208 133 1073

If you need a little motivation – watch Ann’s journey so far


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And of course don’t forget to follow us on our ‘111 miles for White Lions’

The Final Event

The final event – The South Run – is being run in Ann’s home town and we are planning a some great surprises for you all – so don’t miss out on this one!

Your involvement will be invaluable in helping us raise awareness about the plight of White Lions and golden lions as well as raising much needed funds for our work in protecting these magnificent and sacred creatures.

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