How to visit White Lion Territories

As a long-standing leadership organisation on the frontline of conservation strategy today, the primary mission of the Global White Lion Protection Trust is to ensure the flourishing the White Lions in their endemic territories: Sacred Animals in their Sacred Natural Site. We do so through our sensitive scientific reintroduction programme and multi-level cultural efforts.

We are not a commercial operation. As such, we are not open to the general public.

You can learn more about the White Lions and our carefully-phased reintroduction program by invitation only or through one of the avenues below.

Leadership Academy

Join our Academy for LionHearted Leadership™ for an intensive and transformational training. Our two-week Academy Intensives are offered twice annually. 

Youth Leadership

Take part in our Ignite the LionHeart programme: a sparky, experiential 7-day Leadership training, aimed at empowering LionHearted Youth. For every paying participant, we sponsor an emerging leader from our local underserved community.

Join a group

There are a number of pre-approved groups that visit the Global White Lion Protection Trust on a regular basis. These groups focus on a range of aligned topics – from Sacred Activism and Astrology to Animal Communication and Ethical Photography. You are welcome to contact the group leaders to determine whether you might join their group visit to the White Lion Heartlands.

Contact us to find out which groups will be visiting us in the Heartlands.


Although the Global White Lion Protection Trust were leaders in bringing student groups to assist our project in the early years when this was a new paradigm, in 2019 we took a decision to close our doors to paying volunteers. Given the wide-ranging exploitation of students, as well as wildlife, in an industry now known as ‘voluntourism’ (see Volunteers in Africa Beware Facebook Page), we now chose to focus our attention on supporting our core team of highly dedicated personnel achieving their goals for Lions, Land and People.

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