A Virtual StarLion Journey

A Virtual StarLion Journey


Well known Animal Communicator, Wynter Worsthorne, was the first person to bring a specialised group to the Heartlands back in 2005. Since then, 2-3 times a year she has been bringing people to connect and communicate with the StarLions, under her expert guidance.

The idea for the virtual journeys came to Wynter whilst in meditation and asking how to support the Global White Lion Protection Trust during the pandemic. During the global lock-down, international tourists have not been able to physically visit the trust where the donations for their stay make such a difference to keeping the lion prides protected and free.

How does it work?

The journey is a virtual retreat, where you are invited to take 6 days out of your daily routine to immerse yourself into Nature’s transformational energy.

During the virtual journeys, the group “visits” the pride-lands by observing recorded footage (in as real time as possible) each morning. By using Wynter’s H.E.A.R.T. method (Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation), participants connect in with the land and the animals in order to receive information from Nature about what is needed at this time, on a practical, physical, as well as spiritual level.

Each afternoon, the group gathers for meditations, guided by Wynter, and to workshop around the information received.

Linda Tucker, founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust welcomes everyone in an opening ceremony. During the retreat she offers her wisdom around the StarLions and the Nilotic meridian, gathered over the last 30 years.

Free Zoom Call

We invite you to attend an informative live zoom call with your hosts, Wynter and Simon, on Saturday 5th June at 4pm (SAST) to find out how it all works, what is required and how, by joining this Virtual Retreat, you can achieve real transformation on so many levels.

Register for the call here 

Download the itinerary for the Journey here


Date: 29/07/2021
Duration: 6 Days
Location: Virtual Event
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