Brad and the White Lions

Brad has presented at the Academy for several years, focusing on the 10th Law of Governance – sharing his insights into enlightened leadership and sacred economics.

Brad Laughlin

Executive Director of US Non-Profit Organisation, CoreLight

Brad Laughlin, Executive Director of US Non-Profit Organisation, CoreLight, is an ordained minister and author of several books on enlightened leadership, including “Waking the Yin Warrior”.

For over 20 years, Brad has facilitated spiritual retreats and journeys to sacred sites worldwide, including: South Africa, Egypt, France, Greece, Brazil and the American Southwest.

Corelight is the fiscal partner of the Global White Lion Protection Trust in the US, and its founders, Leslie Temple Thurston and Brad Laughlin, have been foundational benefactors to our organisation’s conservation and community mission of ensuring mutual benefits for Lions, Land and People in UNESCO’s Kruger to Canyons Biosphere. Its humanitarian arm, Seeds of Light serves marginalized communities and AIDS orphans in our region, and united with Linda’s StarLion program in presenting to Nelson Mandela in 2007.

Participants in the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™ receive an immersion in the intensely potent, sacred energy of the African Dreamtime and an initiation into a new level of evolution in consciousness. It is an opportunity to awaken to the soul’s highest purpose—into ever-increasing levels of love and wisdom. I love teaching at the Academy because it is a rare experience of sharing precious time in that sacred, loving environment with people of like mind and heart, connecting in the Dreamtime with each other and the pride.

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