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Letters of Apology

Read letters of apology from individuals and organisations who either have deliberately or inadvertently infringed copyright laws relating to White Lion literary or film content.

The publishing of these letters of apology is not intended to shame or harm their authors in any way but to thank them for rectifying and balancing the negative impacts of copyright infringement and to serve as a deterrent for future infringements.

Copyright infringements typically relate to the unacknowledged use of:

  • Literary material (e.g. excerpts from Linda Tucker’s book: “Mystery of the White Lions, Children of the Sungod”, text from copyrighted scientific papers relating to the White Lion Reintroduction Project or web-text from the website:;
  • Static images (e.g. drawings or logos contained in Linda Tucker’s book or the website:; or
  • Moving images (e.g. film footage from archive material belonging to the Global White Lion Protection Trust or Linda Tucker).

We thank Ms. Diana Cooper for agreeing to include the following acknowledgment in the reprint of her book, Web of Light (Hodder, 2004):

“In the interests of the protection of the White Lions and their true message, it must be pointed out that the true custodians of the White Lion lineage are the Global White Lion Protection Trust, under the stewardship of Linda Tucker. Diana Cooper wishes to express her gratitude for Linda Tucker’s book, Mystery of the White Lions, from which the White Lion material in Web of Light was derived. However, it must also be pointed out that the Global White Lion Protection Trust does not entirely support all the views expressed in Web of Light.”

We thank Mr Ed Hern from the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve for his letter titled “Alleged Copyright Infringement” dated 26th October 2007.


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