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In collaboration with African Conservation Experience (ACE) we have created a new opportunity to get a unique perspective of conservation.

This experience gives you the chance to learn about lions from our leading ecologists Jason A Turner (MSc) and work with local people who live alongside predators.

Depending on the duration you choose for your Lion Conservation Experience, you’ll get involved in the following activities:

Lion tracking and monitoring

  • Twice a day, you’ll participate in tracking and monitoring our white and tawny lions that we have released in three separate locations.
  • Occasionally, you may have the chance to observe the darting of wild lions to fit new tracking collars or change over an old collar or battery.
  • Go on organised walks in the bush to find and remove snares, which are a constant problem.


Lion behaviour and carnivore care

Project leader and lion ecologist Jason Turner (MSc) is a specialist in lion behaviour and white lions in particular. Accompanied by our project team, you will have the chance to observe the behaviour of the various prides of lions in their natural habitat.

  • Get to know the behavioural patterns and personalities of individual animals.
  • Help to spot any unusual wildlife behaviour or potential veterinary issues.


Conservation and the community

We have a strong connection with the local community. Linda Tucker’s work reviving a tribal tradition that holds the white lion as sacred has been central to the project’s success.

  • Spend time with local people, learning about their relationship with lions and other wild animals
  • Help the project team with their community outreach programme


Observe Wildlife in Kruger National Park

During your stay, you’ll spend a whole day experiencing one of Africa’s most famous National Parks.

  • As well as lions, Kruger gives you the chance to see large herds of elephants, buffalo, plus elusive and rare species such as leopards, hyenas and the endangered African wild dog.
  • Kruger also has the largest population of rhino left in Africa and if you’re lucky you may even get to see both the white and black rhino.


Trip to a predator care centre

You’ll also get to spend some time at a local animal care centre in Hoedspruit that specialises in predator care.

  • Go on a safari to view and learn about cheetah including the beautiful King Cheetah.
  • View the endangered African wild dog, rhinos and many other species.
  • Learn about husbandry of predators and other wildlife from the centre’s specialist care team.

We will present informative talks on lion conservation and white lions in particular.

You´ll learn about:

  • The uniqueness of the white lions and the struggle that the project team underwent to have them recognised as more than the result of a recessive gene
  • The history of the Global White Lion Protection Trust
  • The threats to lions’ survival, including canned hunting, the cub cuddling industry, the lion bone trade as well as loss of habitat
  • The global conservation strategy to save the lion and local anti-poaching initiatives
  • The project’s innovative and successful reintroduction of captive-born lions into the wild
  • How to care for lions, both in captivity and after they’ve been released into the wild
  • The cultural connection between local tribal communities and the sacred white lion.


The following dates are available to experience this unique opportunity in the heartlands of the White Lions – Timbavati:-

12 – 23 July 2018 (11 night course)

14 – 19 August 2018 (5 night course) 

30 October – 13 November 2018 (14 night course)

Please follow the link to ACE for bookings or contact Dorothee via for assistance

We are looking forward to having you with us!!

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