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Lion Name:

Assagaia is an ancient name which means the shield of stars that protects “Mother Earth”.



Known For:

Gentle but formidable, shy yet direct

Meet Assagaia

It takes a great Star Warrior to protect the Sacred Feminine, whether that be Mother Earth or the magnificent maternal in all her guizes.

Gentle but formidable, shy yet direct, sub-adult Assagaia arrived in our project together with his sister Gaia, over whom he was fiercely protective. Exhibiting heightened suspicion and anger towards humans, he finally relaxed into a trusting relationship under Linda and Jason’s care. Spectacularly handsome yet humble, this emerging king has stepped up and into the giant pawprints of his predecessor, Aslan (Mandla), walking starlight in the Heartlands, as the worthy protector of the great matriarchs: Princess Nebu and Queen Zihra.

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