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Report Atrocities

 People often write to us in distress at what they have witnessed in lion camps. We urge the public to remember that there really are ways in which you can make a difference. If it weren’t for the groundswell of public support, the Global White Lion Protection Trust would never have been able to make the positive changes that we have already effected. 

 Most unethical operations operate through lies and deceit, intended to hoodwink a gullible public. So the most effective way to change an unjust system is to become informed and discerning. As a concerned member of the public you can make a significant impact by objecting to what you have witnessed. You can do so in a number of influential ways. Here are some effective action steps:

  1. Contact the organisation itself (preferably in writing) and express your concerns and complaints, pointing out that if conditions are not improved you will widely publicize your condemnation.
  2. Contact Nature Conservation in the region and register your complaints. Make sure you put these complaints in written form, so that you have a track record to which you can refer in future. This will also ensure that they take you seriously. See list of regional offices .
  3. Refuse to visit places holding lions that are not endorsed by the Global White Lion Protection Trust (see our website where reputable reserves are listed under the White Lion R.O.A.R Awards).
  4. Inform these reserves / camps / zoos that you will be letting as many people know as possible. Commercial places rely on ‘word of mouth’ for income, so this pressure can be effective.
  5. Write a letter to the Global White Lion Protection Trust about your concerns and submit to We will publish your letter on our website. Our website has significant reach, and this will make an impact on the outfit concerned.
  6. Should you encounter a reserve that pets lion cubs or covertly hunts lions in captivity, write a letter to Adv Chris Mercer at, who will black-list such an organisation on his website. He has published a list of “named and shamed” on his organisation’s website.

Each of us can make a positive impact. The public voice is powerful. Progressively, these outfits will have to respond to public aversion and disapproval.

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