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Your White Lion Yoga Retreat

Be it your personal journey and retreat or as a leader of a  yoga group, massage, or other related topics, we and the White Lions welcome you with an open heart.

The outpouring of the light and love of the White Lions which surrounds the camp is truly a soul and heart healing experience. Whether it is yoga and meditation under our enormous fig tree or practicing in our tree house in the middle of the African bush while watching amazing sunsets, rest assure that our yoga experience is truly unique and taps into the energy of our White Lions who roam free.

Here at the White Lion Trust, in the heart of the White Lions’ heartland, you will find pure rest and tranquillity from your busy life, your busy city, the busy world.

Kendra Sand who currently runs the yoga program with whole hearted dedication for the survival of these magnificent Lions, welcomes you as her guests.



Amanda , Australia, December  2012

Your care of the details for my stay was truly generous and thoughtful beyond what I could have hoped – you definitely act in true service of the people & the Lions, and are an amazing person to have there, holding the space in a magnificent place.

Agnes, Germany, 2012

June: Love, Grounding, Leadership, deep silence, surrender, peaceful, spirit, back to the roots, deeply impressed, cradle of humankind-Africa, Celia- leadership, Wolfgang –humor, Lions-Linda, human between earth and stars, southern cross, trust, waterfall, gratitude, mountains, father sky, mother earth, freedom .

Many deep impressions and experiences, connected deeply to the earth the magnificent sky and the animals. Thank you Celia for your heartwarming , lively, loving and powerful way of being “just there “. You taught me a lot about nature , animals, birds and lions. Thank you Wolfgang for your humor and friendly and calm strength.

all is connected to all- I experienced living spirituality here. I will come back – with love , big love Agnes

September: happy , filled with gratitude to be able to be here, to be – just to be . Creative work with Plants, the earth, rocks, birds, animals and the White Lions! creative work around “MY” Rondavel . Everything was different then in June ,when I visited first. Letting go and transformation of expectations, meanings, imaginations, old patterns of human interaction.

What a challenge!

After the first week all these false belief systems became so dense that I wanted to leave. But I stayed and with the help of the lions I was going through this inner crisis and from this moment I could emerge into “ALL  WHAT IS “.

Timbavati is my “HEARTLAND” and Shidolo is the HEART OF TIMBAVATI.

I come back as soon as possible.

in deep gratitude and connectedness to Celia and Wolfgang _ Agnes



Pam , Toronto, November 2012

Dear Celia and Wolfgang,

Many thanks for your warm hospitality and generosity of heart during my all too brief stay at Shidolo. The energy and deep peace of the camp and the land will be with me always ,Thank you also for the wonderful Trip to the mountains and taking me to meet the wild horses. IT has been an amazing journey, and the lions continue touching the deepest parts of my soul, each in their own unique and distinct ways. It has been a magical time and I will keep the lions and Shidolo close to my heart until I return again

much love Pam

Jennifer ,  Washington DC, July 2013

Celia and Wolfgang ,

Thank you seems inadequate to express my gratitude for everything. I knew before coming here, that every person I met here and every experience I had here, would be deliberate and with and for a purpose. You have both touched me in a way that was unexpectedly wonderful . My time here did not begin or end as I anticipated. However, the time that unfolded turned out to be so much more than I ever could have imagined.

Celia , thank you especially for everything you have done for me . My heart is breaking to be leaving this place, and for the first time in my life , I feel like I am leaving home.

Again thank you for everything. With all my love and good intention -Jennifer

Susanne ,  Germany, February 2012

After two months, I am leaving this special place with deep gratitude.

Grateful to the White Lions, having been so close to them and experiencing peace and happiness through them .

Grateful to all nature- the bush with its trees, grass, the birds, the frogs, the different insects, the wild animals, the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, the thunderstorms…

Grateful to Celia and Wolfgang for being open and friendly to any time, sharing their knowledge, their spirituality, their laughing- totally relaxed in every /any situation, caring for every living being

Grateful to other guests (I met many) who brought in different thoughts, ideas, dishes as well as challenges


(back in April 2013 in “My ” Rondavel )

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