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Scientific Protocol


In global conservation, numerous species – including many of the big felines – face extinction today. Urgent conservation measures are needed to ensure their survival. The reintroduction of South Africa’s rare White Lions to their endemic range in the Greater Timbavati region is only one such measure. This Scientific Reintroduction Project has not only national but global importance.


Dr Ian Player (2004): “The reintroduction of the white lions back to the wild in their endemic range represents a critical landmark in conservation history.”


Assisted on the scientific front by lion ecologist, Jason Turner, the Global White Lion Protection Trust initiated the world first, scientific reintroduction program to return the White Lions to their natural endemic range, after more than a decade of extinction in the wild.


Scientific Protocol

by Jason Turner




Jason Turner, lion ecologist heading-up the White Lion reintroduction cross-checking immobilizing drugs, together with Prof. Meltzer and his team during the radio-collaring of the lions


“For the past five years, I have been committed to the primary objective of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, which is to initiate and carefully manage a reintroduction program of white lions to their endemic range. With the reintroduction of an adult white lioness and her three offspring to the greater Timbavati region, this important program is well underway.”


“We are committed to returning an integrated pride (white and tawny lions) to wild, free-roaming conditions in their endemic range, as was naturally the case before the white lions were removed from the Greater Timbavati region.”


“The White Lion Reintroduction Protocol was developed in consultation with other experts in this field and follows scientifically-proven boma-bonding and reintroduction techniques.”


“The objective is not to captive-breed white lions. As the white lions were artificially removed from the wild, this program aims to redress the balance in returning white lions to their natural habitat and supplementing the white lion gene in their endemic area.”


“At every stage of the reintroduction, human intervention has been restricted so that the cubs are not human imprinted. The cubs developed their hunting techniques naturally in a free-roaming environment.”

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