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Urgent Assistance: Donate a metre of Poacher Proof Fencing


Target 2,500m fencing


Completed on 02 October 2019!

Target: 8 high-spec gates


$6,294 to go

Donated 41.5%

Sibu admiring the handiwork for the newly erected poacher proof fence-line! We need 8 high-spec security gates like this one (below) to finally complete the new free-roaming home-range for Regeus and his Pride.


ROAAAARRRSSSSSS OF THANKS to each and every person who generously donated a metre (or two, or more!) of poacher-proof fencing for Regeus, Gaia and their cubs’ new home range!

We are delighted to announce that YOUR donations helped us REACH OUR GOAL of raising the funds for 2500 metres of fencing, to create a ‘force-field of love’ for this beautiful young pride!

There is one final item needed before Gaia, Regeus and cubs can roam in their new home range: we need to install 8 high-spec security gates, so that our anti-poaching team can enter the area swiftly in the unlikely event that there is any threat to the pride. These security gates will cost a total of R161 000, averaging around R20 000 each.

This is a total of U$10 733 (around $1341 each).

The young cubs are growing bigger and bigger by the day, and we want to have them exploring and roaming in their new home-range as soon as possible – so we want to raise these funds by 25 OCTOBER 2019!

We invite you to donate any amount you choose to help us finally give Gaia’s pride and joy the opportunity to roam in new territories. Every cent counts!

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Help us create a ‘Force-Field of Love’ that will shield and protect the StarLion family

For over two decades, Linda Tucker and her team at the Global White Lion Protection Trust has fought to protect the legendary White Lions in the wilds of their endemic habitat. Last year, we were blessed with the arrival of three perfect snow-white cubs – born to Regeus and Gaia. Now that the family is united, it’s time to open their gates into a larger free-roaming area in the southern territories.

With the Prides now flourishing into the next generations, the acquisition of more land for our Prides is our primary focus. But in the meantime, we need a safe, protected home-range for Regeus and his new family.

Unfortunately, poaching remains a very real threat in our southern territories. For this reason, their new home-range must be surrounded by 2,500 metres of hi-spec poacher-proof fencing.

Our goal was to give Regeus’s Pride their Freedom by Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2019. By this date, after only 10 days, we managed to raise an amazing $6711.99! We were overwhelmed with gratitude for the support and generosity that was shown - and this amount has allowed us to kickstart the process of creating a home range for Regeus and his Pride! 

However, we still have a ways to go to reach our target. By donating as little as $25, you will be sponsoring 1 metre of poacher-proof fence line, and will help us create a ‘Force-Field of Love’ for this precious Pride.

To see Linda Tucker’s full 15 minute TEDx Wilmington Talk “Ignite YOUR LionHeart - I Speak for the Lion!” please click HERE
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