For the Global White Lion Protection Trust, South African Parliament’s announcement yesterday that it would be clamping down on the Canned Hunting and lion bone trade represents a significant triumph after two decades of intensive campaigning against the captive killing lion industry. This decision took place after a coordinated effort of opposition was created by the WLT and other leading conservation groups, during and directly following upon the Parliamentary Colloquium that was held on Ingwavuma Day 21/22 August. We welcome this important decision and commend the processes of interrogation that have taken place at senior levels. However, there is a painfully long way to go before we have put a stop to the legalized brutality – and we await a responsible implementation plan.

Click here for the Colloquium Report

As the Global White Lion Protection Trust, we are also forging ahead with reviving the commitment from the South African Parliament (Gazetted in 2008) to support our efforts in having the White Lions protected in the wilds of their endemic habitat (UNESCO Kruger to Canyons Biosphere), where commercial trophy hunting of lions is still legalized.

Click here for the 2008 Government Gazette

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