UK Office

Since its early conception, the Global White Lion Protection Trust has had a strong association with Great Britain. When Linda Tucker had her life-changing experience with the lions in South Africa in 1991, her home and career were both in the UK. We have many friends and long-standing supporters who are UK-based, including one of our very first Patrons, who enabled us to rescue the first pride of White Lions, Mireille Vince together with her son, Raymond Vince, and current Patron, Jerome Flynn (Game of Thrones star and animal activist).

We are proud to have now created a permanent base in the UK. We have a small office and a wonderful team of volunteers who are helping to raise much-needed funding to support the work of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, and to raise awareness about the plight of the White Lions in our campaigns to support all of Nature.

Linda and Jason tour to the UK on an annual basis, giving supporters regular opportunities to engage with them in person. Keep an eye out on our events page to find out about their upcoming UK-based events.

Please contact the UK team if you would like any further information on the Global White Lion Protection Trust, and how you can get involved.

Linda Tucker with some of the members of the members of the Outreach Advisory Board.

Outreach Advisory Board – US

In the USA, Linda Tucker is supported by individuals from varied backgrounds: from event coordination and marketing to animal communication specialists, including Joan Ranquet, whose Academy is advancing this field. The revival of this ancient methodology has proved itself in numerous critical action steps undertaken within our White Lion project, and consequently, Linda Tucker has written the forward for 6 books endorsing Animal Communication as a key prerequisite for the emerging leadership today. Our Outreach Advisory Board is headed up by New York-based social media expert, Yasmin Bendror.

The Global White Lion Protection Trust values its long-standing support from our sister-organisation and fiscal partner in the States, Corelight, who graciously accept donations in Dollars on our behalf, and issue donors with a 501(c)(3) Certificate for tax deduction purposes.

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