White Lion Trust Team

Exciting Staff Announcements

Welcoming Gavin te Brake, General Manager of the Global White Lion Protection Trust

We are proud to announce the arrival of Gavin te Brake, who joined our team in 2023 as General Manager of the Trust. With his dynamic energy and passion for Nature, Gavin has a knack for leadership and creative thinking. Playing a critical role in the preparation of the new territories for our prides during the course of 2023, he hit the ground running and helped us achieve immense operational goals in his first months in the role. This year, some of the new projects within the Trust will offer an opportunity to showcase his expertise in permaculture and sustainable living – keep an eye out for these exciting updates!


Gavin te Brake and members of the team


Congratulations to Rueben Hlangano, in his new role as Head of Eco-Cultural Education

Rueben joined our project in 2017 as a mechanic, and since then has gone above and beyond to nurture his love for Nature and develop his skills in Earth service. Many of our friends and supporters know Rueben as the Trust’s resident Nature Guide and all-round wildlife expert – having tirelessly studied and successfully achieved accredited wildlife-guiding qualifications – but in 2023, Rueben stepped forward as a natural leader and manager of our StarLion team. Combining his scientific knowledge of Nature with his curiosity in the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™, Rueben led his team to develop and deliver an exciting and meaningful extra-curricular program to our local StarLion Centres, which can be rolled out and adapted in the years to come.


Rueben with his StarLion Team: Lidia Sifunda and Tebogo Mahlake


Welcoming Lynette Kies, Project Manager

Lynette joined the Global White Lion Protection Trust pride in 2023, and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and skills in human resources, law and project management. One of the Trust’s major focus areas of 2023 was land expansion, and in this, Lynette played an instrumental role – coordinating teams of experts, facilitating negotiations, and ensuring that details were not overlooked in complicated contracts. Working closely with both Gavin, General Manager, and Linda, CEO, Lynette is assisting the Global White Lion Protection Trust with furthering its core strategies, including continued substantial wildlife land purchases, now totalling nearly 6,000 hectares.


Lynette Kies, Project Manager

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