Mariëtta and the White Lions

Offering a fountain of wisdom, Marietta shares her experience with seed production and astrology to create a bridge between heaven and Earth. She guides participants towards their purpose through presenting on the 10th Law of Governance and the 12th Law of Aspiration.

Mariëtta van der Werff

Evolutionary astrologer, entrepreneur and sacred economist

Mariëtta is from Dutch and African descent and is a highly acclaimed evolutionary astrologer, entrepreneur and sacred economist, having established her own business in Zimbabwe, producing and distributing African indigenous organic vegetable seeds as the key to regenerative living. Herself a Wisdom Keeper of the Sacred Site of Great Zimbabwe, Marietta has managed and supported the work of leading African indigenous healer, Mandaza Kandemwa, and directed significant ongoing funding support to the Global White Lion Protection Trust, undaunted by economic transformations within her own country and beyond. Trained as a Journey™ Practitioner and Conscious Coach™, Mariëtta has led expeditions deep into wildlife territories on spiritual journeys where Nature’s voice can be heard clearly, in deep Earth connection with all species, particularly the Elephants.

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