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INFO: Lion Population Numbers Plummeting


Lion Numbers Declining

Message from Maurice Fernandez

 A day of celebration, worry, and action…

 For centuries lions have served as the greatest inspiration and a central icon in almost every culture on the planet. Lion statues decorate every museum and palace, representing honor, strength, and glory.

 Today, it is clear that the lion is heading toward extinction in the wild. In a matter of decade there will be no more lions, zero…the only opportunity to see lions will be in zoos. This trend may be true for all big mammals, and particularly predators.

 The most critically hit of the lion subspecies are the White Lions, and the Asiatic Lion, with just a handful still in the wild, and completely UNPROTECTED.

 Everything happens SO FAST today, whether it is change or destruction.

 We must be on the correct side of history. We must help organizations that work relentlessly on the ground. Among them, the White Lion Trust is one of the most ethical, dedicated, and effective organizations in the field for the protection of White Lions.

You will find a list of other reliable organizations below.

Here is what you are called to do:

We must be relentless about our effort to change this catastrophic trend. We live in times where everything is intensified—the good news is that people have the power to have a real impact.

Thank you,

Maurice Fernandez  

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