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Public Caution

 Report Atrocities

People often write to us in distress at what they have witnessed in lion camps. We urge the public to remember that there really are ways in which you can make a difference. If it weren’t for the groundswell of public support, the Global White Lion Protection Trust would never have been able to make the positive changes that we have already effected. letters-of-apologies

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Letters of Apology  

Read letters of apology from individuals and organisations who either have deliberately or inadvertently infringed copyright laws relating to White Lion literary or film content.  

The publishing of these letters of apology is not intended to shame or harm their authors in any way but to thank them for rectifying and balancing the negative impacts of copyright infringement and to serve as a deterrent for future infringements.

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Public Caution

The following is intended to inform the public that not all organizations associated with White Lions have the interests and well-being of these rare animals at heart. In fact, some actively and strategically misinform the public about their activities. As always, the Global White Lion Protection Trust welcomes and actively supports any organization which genuinely follows the principles of protecting the White Lions, and supports these rare animals’ return to their place of origin in the Timbavati region. However, we believe it is our responsibility to the public, and the White Lions themselves, to ensure that common misinformation and false claims in respect of so-called White Lion conservation be brought out into the open.

 Legislation on Canned Hunting

Please Be Informed: the legislation regarding Canned Lion Hunting has been postponed until February 2008, which means that the White Lions are more at risk than ever. In the window period before the proposed shut down, hunting activity has been stepped up, with captive White Lions as primary targets. Furthermore, the legislation itself makes absolutely no provision for the protection of the White Lions as a unique listing, and no prohibition has been placed on lion hunting reserves such as Timbavati (and APNR), where the last surviving gene pool of this critically endangered animal is being eradicated.

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