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Today’s Lion Crisis

Our Solution



THE CRISIS: Despite being revered as a sacred heritage by the Tsonga and Sepedi people of the K2C Biosphere, and indigenous peoples around the globe, the unique White Lions are not protected by international law. They remain on the brink of extinction, yet can be hunted and killed without recourse in the wild, and in cages. Commercial trophy hunting in this region destabilises the pride dynamics. The White Lion rare ‘Genetic Marker’ is carried by the golden lions of the K2C. However, continual trophy hunting in the wild and other artificial removals from their natural system is destroying the gene pool. Tragically, White Lions are kept in captivity by the tourism industry, and bred to be killed by international trophy hunters.

OUR SOLUTION: The LionHearted Leadership Model ensures not only the survival of White Lions in their natural endemic habitat, but revival of their radiant health, safety, and wellbeing.


THE CRISIS: The White Lions’ ancestral lands, at the heart of the K2C biodiversity haven, faces inherent threats. Carved up by private landowners as well as rural communities for agricultural use, and other purposes destructive to its vital functioning as a healthy ecosystem, its water sources have been left largely unprotected both for animals and people. The White Lion Trust has secured nearly 4,400 acres of strategic White Lion ancestral heritage lands as a Protected Area at the epicentre of the K2C along the vital river corridor.

OUR SOLUTION: The LionHearted Leadership Model protects the White Lions together with their ancestral lands, and the critical biodiversity within this ecosystem.

Unified land strategy:
Join us: Please contact us at if you would like to consider joining us in this critically important land acquisition strategy in the Heartlands of the animal kingdom, one of the world’s most important biodiversity hotspots.


THE CRISIS: The K2C is an international tourism hotspot, yet historically less than 3% of this income has reached the impoverished local communities. Some of the schools with which we work face up to 60% orphan rate, and the rural communities in this region have been declared one of South Africa’s “Poverty Nodes.” In our initiatives to restore human systems as well as eco-systems, the White Lion Trust has a long-standing partnership with the traditional authorities of this region. For more than a decade, our eco-cultural educational programs have supported the rich indigenous cultures of the Tsonga and Sepedi people who celebrate the White Lions as sacred heritage and have much to share with humanity by way of community spirit, stewardship, and appreciation for life.

OUR SOLUTION: The LionHearted Leadership Model creates unity amongst people and unification of wildlands, advancing socio-economic revival by activating the LionHeart in human nature.

Our people: LionHearted, dedicated, multi-skilled, multi-cultural

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