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Community Developement

Craft Development Project: E “Shining Star program”

In conjunction with the schools program, the WLT works with indigenous communities neighbouring the White Lions’ endemic region to raise awareness, and transfer skills so these communities become environmentally aware and conscious of their environment heritage, and its benefits. In 2007, a foundational craft development project was jointly initiated by WLT together with the local communities.

The continuation of this craft development project will not only provide art and crafted artefacts for sale along the interest points of the White Lion Heritage Protection Route, but also empower the community to showcase the importance of the White Lions in their cultural beliefs. As a second phase, the WLT will engage professional product designers (such as Kumbulani, which already has a strong track-record) to identify more commercially viable lines that will provide sustainable income for the communities of this region.

Project Goals and Objectives
Communities which celebrate and protect their environment and heritage are empowered communities, with a strong sense of individual and group pride, growth and unity.

Project Assumptions
When given the right opportunity, every man, woman and child is a shining star.

Project target group
Will be mainly women, and family members associated with the greater community from which the school children emerge.

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SWOT Analysis
Existing foundational relationships
Constant flow of international visitors
Immense enthusiasm in participating parties
Lack of wherewithall – vehicle, fuel costs – to implement the program
Delays and financial constraints lowering enthusiasm of participants

Project Constraints
Lack of adequate funding.
Expected Outcome
Immediate and ongoing socio-upliftment opportunity, commencing with the local community, and expanding to other cultural groupings.
Project Management Approach and Methods
Cultural liaison officer will be assisted by visiting foreign student volunteers.
Timeline and Timeframes
12 month period, commencing with the developmental stage/planning/sourcing stages in May 2011 and culminating with marketing at the Tourism Indaba in Durban May 2012. Developmental and sales opportunities throughout this period, through WLT’s visitor groups.
R 317,740.00
Total Budget for all three components (Section C, D, E)
R 1,026,601.57

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