Harmonious Coexistence Lecture

27 May 2024

Harmonious Coexistence Lecture


FREE – By reservation only

Closing the Mexico-leg of her tour with a public presentation, Linda will share her insights regarding how the White Lions’ re-emergence at this time of ecological crisis offers a message to us all for a new model of enlightened leadership. Her inspiring anecdotes of living with the White Lions in their ancestral pridelands offer insight into governance and core principles of discipline, mutual love, and empathy.

At this point in humanity’s evolution – when matter has been stripped of its spirit and spirit no longer seems to matter – the White Lions deliver a critically urgent message for those who wish to re-learn how to be part of a thriving planet. Linda’s experiences and pioneering conservation work over 3 decades illustrate that a future of harmonious coexistence is not only possible, but is already a lived reality in the White Lion Heartlands, waiting to ignite the world.

More about the venue: Ajijic is nestled on the slopes of the mountains overlooking Lake Chapala, Jalisco, one-hour drive from the city of Guadalajara.
Donations to support the Global White Lion Protection Trust are welcomed and encouraged.

Date: 27/05/2024
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico
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