The White Lions & the Magical, Regenerating Laws of Nature

12th June 2024

The White Lions & the Magical, Regenerating Laws of Nature


The White Lions and the Magical, Regenerating Laws of Nature with Linda Tucker
Switzerland, Brüttisellen

For more than two decades, the Global White Lion Protection Trust has been at the fore-front of an innovative conservation mol that embraces a new yet ancient way of life, that emphasises regeneration and harmonious coexistence – rather than control and exploitation.

In this talk, Linda explores the fundamental difference between hunting behaviour (predation), nature’s food chain, and the rampant consumption that characterises our economic system. She shares her experiences living with White Lions, offering anecdotes about how they care for their territory, maintain discipline and express mutual empathy. Linda’s insights highlight how the Lions’ flow of love and respect supports the continuity of life in every exchange – both within the pride and the broader ecosystem.

Date: 12/06/2024
Duration: 1 Day
Location: Brüttisellen, Switzerland
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