The ASSEGAIA (Alliance for the Sacred Sites of Earth Gaia) Alliance is an international Specialist Group of scientific, legal, indigenous, environmental and human rights experts and organisations, who recognise that protection of Earth’s Sacred Natural Sites represents the key to planetary restoration.

Eco-centric Protection of Sacred Natural Sites

Following the 2019 ASSEGAIA Conference in the White Lion Heartlands (produced in partnership with ASSEGAIA Alliance members One Ancient Future, The Global White Lion Protection Trust, Le Ciel Foundation, and EVOL Foundation), an alliance was formed of interdisciplinary and multicultural experts who recognise that Sacred Natural Sites are essential to the survival and flourishing of the planet. What makes this alliance quantum-shifting is its commitment to these sites’ protection through an eco-centric rather than egocentric approach – one which puts Earth first in all considerations.

The purpose of the Alliance

Identify Sacred Natural Sites across the planet needing protection;

  • Fast-track urgent Sacred Natural Site status declarations around the globe, commencing with two foundational African sites;
  • Advise international governing and associated bodies on the protection of Sacred Natural Sites;
  • Identify key areas of revision for bringing existing legislation into alignment with customary law accepted and endorsed by the Alliance;
  • Submit urgent applications to relevant governing bodies and associated parties for the protection of sacred sites that have been identified, nominated sanctioned and validated by the ASSEGAIA Alliance;
  • Identify, support and protect the Spiritual Guardians who are already protecting Sacred Natural Sites. Mandated human “Spiritual Guardians” are recognised by their life-time’s service to the site, given that the site has sovereignty over the Spiritual Guardian, not the other way around;
  • Raise financial support from governments, private funders and international bodies for the preservation, protection and regeneration of Sacred Natural Sites.

Presentation of the ASSEGAIA Declaration

The ASSEGAIA Declaration was presented at the World Economic Forum in January 2020, and was scheduled for environmental conferences, globally.

Linda Tucker co-presents the ASSEGAIA Declaration in Davos

Since its inception in August 2019, the international alliance has wasted no time in advancing global legislative processes to protect the two founding Sacred Natural Sites under the Protected Areas Act of local legislature. These founding Sacred Natural Sites are:

  • the ancestral Heartlands of the legendary White Lions at the epicentre of UNESCO’s Kruger to Canyons Biosphere.
  • the specific Venda Sacred Natural Sites (known as Zwifho) associated with sacred forests, mountains, source waters, and specifically the UNESCO National Heritage Site, Lake Fundudsi.

These sites provide a working model for the ASSEGAIA Alliance and its eco-centric approach.

The White Lion Heartlands: A Sacred Natural Site

How the White Lions regenerate their ecosystem

Built on the concept that the charismatic apex animal holds the key to ecosystem regeneration in these sites (wolves in Yellowstone, bears in Great Bear Rain Forest, lions in Kruger), this cultural-revival model supersedes the post-colonial consumptive use paradigm. Its seismic paradigm shift is a commitment to implement an eco-centric model, based on circular economy principles and regenerative farming methods, which secures a No-Go Zone in the heart of the Sacred Sites, and establishes cross-cultural developmental hubs in the buffer region.

This model is in its second-stage implementation stage in the White Lion Heartlands, drawing multi-stakeholder representation and support, and was first presented by invitation to the APPG (Britain’s All Party Political Group) in 2014.

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