Immersion Workshop & Venus Star Point Ceremony

3-5 June 2024

Immersion Workshop & Venus Star Point Ceremony


In this inspiring 2-day workshop, award winning conservationist, Linda Tucker shares what the legendary White Lions – Nature’s King of Kings – can teach us about our own capacity for leadership in a world in transition. Together with world-renowned Astrologer, Maurice Fernandez, Linda will delve into Aspiration, the 12th Law of LionHearted Leadership™, which reminds us that humanity’s purpose on Earth is to find our path to higher consciousness. This process of spiritual evolution is sometimes referred to as “ascension.” Using a combination of experiential, intellectual and ceremonial techniques, Linda and Maurice will create a space in which you can Ignite your LionHeart, and re-establish your connection with the magic of the cosmos.

The VENUS STAR POINT Ceremony – June 3 sunset

This immersion will include an important ceremony to celebrate and activate the VENUS STAR POINT portal – A celestial alignment whereby the planet VENUS resides in the Heart of the SUN. This unique alignment was recognized across indigenous nations, including Mayan, as a critical milestone. It represent pure heart energy, the brave heart of the lion. Invited will be leaders from different spiritual heritage.

The workshop will include group activities in the mesmerising red rocks of Sedona.

Date: 03/06/2024
Duration: 3 Days
Location: Sedona, USA
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