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Academy for LionHearted Leadership™

2019 Curriculum – Dates: 21 November to 21 December 
2020 Dates: 21 November – 21 December 2020

In the Heart of the White Lions’ Ancestral Territories




Find the ‘Lion’ within…

Take effective action in your life, in service of our planet and humanity.


The purpose of the White Lion Leadership™ Academy is to address the most critically urgent crises of today, including politics, economics, education, religion, culture, value systems and most fundamentally sustainability. It does so, however, in an entirely unique heart-centred way. Although focused on modern innovative techniques, the White Lion Leadership™ Academy’s methods are founded on the most ancient indigenous knowledge systems, that are more relevant now than ever before.

The training activates the Heart to enable future leaders from all walks of life to become powerful agents of change, willing to challenge existing paradigms and champion new approaches to life. To become such a leader, each of us needs to make one simple shift: from an insecure, exploitative, need and greed ‘consumer culture’ to a confident, loving consciousness that holds deep reverence for the sanctity of life and Mother Nature.




Man must make two connections: we must reconnect with the earth, we must reconnect with the starsCredo Mutwa, Zulu-Koisan Guardian of Umlando 
(Africa’s Oral Records)


The key is to reawaken our Hearts. THAT is the quantum shift 
that will change our world.


Leading science and ancient knowledge systems unite in finding solutions.



Linda-Portrait2_CropThe White Lion Leadership™ Academy is led by Linda Tucker, CEO and Founder Global White Lion Protection Trust, who has developed the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership™ after 2 decades of working with the White Lions, and their message for humanity.

Each year, Linda Tucker is joined by a rare selection of extraordinary presenters from various disciplines, who provide an in-depth exploration into aspects of the 13 LionHearted Laws™ by sharing their profound knowledge systems and training across disciplines and cultural divides.

2019 Academy Lecturers and Facilitators presenting alongside Linda Tucker:

Jason A. Turner

M.Sc., Specialist Lion Ecologist

JT Profile PicJason is an accomplished lion ecologist with several years experience conducting research on lions in the Greater Timbavati Region. His passion for wildlife began as a young boy and continued through into his studies where he completed a BSc Honours in Wildlife Management at the University of Pretoria in 1995. He worked as a field guide at Phinda Resource Reserve, and as a wildlife biologist on the Minnesota Wolf Project. In 2003 he joined the White Lion Trust as the Lion Ecologist and head of operations. He initiated the white lion reintroduction program where he and Linda rescued, rehabilitated and released the white lion pride back into free-roaming conditions in their natural habitat. He both initiated and collaborated with 7 other countries to identify the genetic marker for the white lion, which was successfully identified. Since then he has been conducting primary research on white lion reintroduction, genetics and ecology in the wild, publishing research as scientific papers, ultimately towards a PhD.

Sustainability and conservation are fundamental components of the Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT) and therefore also the White Lion Leadership Academy (WLLA), and Jason will be sharing his knowledge and experience with the participants during the Academy.

Wynter Worsthorne

International Inter-being Communicator

wynter&jabuWynter is a renowned international interspecies communicator, she is based in Cape Town, South Africa where she works closely with African wildlife. She teaches workshops in the UK, Europe and Africa and has been a core facilitator for the White Lion Leadership Academy since its inception. Wynter’s teachings are designed to help you understand the concept that all life is made up of energy and that we are all connected to each other, no matter what physical species we are. Through this form of intuitive communication, where you become conscious of the thought forms and mental images of others, you will find a greater understanding of all beings in nature.


Maurice Fernandez

Acclaimed international Evolutionary Astrologer, President of the Organisation of Professional Astrology (OPA), organiser of astrology conferences, notably the River of Stars in Hawaii, and Kundalini Yoga master.

MauriceMaurice has been practising astrology for more than twenty years with a passion to interpret planetary cycles as a way to live meaningful and healthy lives. He was born in Africa, and moved to Israel as a teenager where he was first exposed to astrology in a professional way. It was a natural language for him and provided an incredible understanding about the nature of existence. To provide a more spiritual experience to the study of astrology, he often combines it with the practice of Kundalini Yoga along with immersion into nature.  He is particularly interested in further developing inter-species communication to bridge consciousness between humans, animals, vegetation, and minerals. He has worked with the White Lions of Timbavati, for the past 5 years, to this purpose. This holistic approach helps with the original intention to align our lives on earth with the greater cycles of the planets and universal Truth.

Mae Naude

Bs.Pysch, Specialist Career Psychologist

Mae NaudeBs.Pysch, Specialist Career Psychologist. Fascinated by all aspects of the human mind I am particularly drawn to the study of intelligence and consciousness. With the world changing at an unprecedented pace we are compelled to reinvent ourselves continuously and as we grapple with increasing challenges it is easy to become overwhelmed and lose direction. I adopt a strength based approach, employing a wide range of assessment and therapeutic tools and techniques to assist individuals to remain meaningfully connected to their true talents and strengths.


René Ragan

Director of Global White Lion Protection Trust, USA

Rene 2014René is an ordained Interfaith minister and a leader in the emerging field of Interspiritual counselling.  She is former Director of the Interspiritual Counseling Program at One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York City – where she designed the curriculum, oversaw the program and taught.  As a successful entrepreneur, businesswoman and consultant, René has developed programs and seminars focused on teambuilding and communication skills to address the spiritual needs of diverse populations.  Currently Director of the Global White Lion Protection Trust US, she has led numerous spiritual pilgrimages to white lion territories, contributing to heart opening transformations for those who are called to join.  She is deeply committed to nurturing inner lives and inspiring others towards greater service to themselves and the planet. Her deep connection to Spirit creates sacred space wherever she goes.

Graham Saayman

Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Psychology, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Graham SaaymanGraham Saayman pioneered socio-ecological studies of baboon and dolphin social systems in the 1970s. Interested in human evolution, he was one of the first behavioural scientists to connect ethology to analytical
psychology and to introduce Jungian theory to university-based research. As professor of psychology at the University of Cape Town, he developed a group approach to dream appreciation and a Jungian model of family therapy. He has more than 30 years of clinical and supervisory experience. Together with Sir Laurens van der Post, Ian Player and Vera Buhrmann, he founded a postgraduate program in Cape Town, recognised by the International Association for Analytical Psychology as meeting the requirements for training Jungian Analysts. The links between his naturalistic studies and interests in family therapy, meditation, dreams and spiritual emergence are described in his book, “Hunting with the Heart: A Vision Quest to Spiritual Emergence” (2007): Kima Global Publishers.

Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa

Zimbabwean Mhondoro Lion Shaman

Mondhoro-Mandaza-resizeMandaza is a  Mhondoro Lion Shaman, in a long tradition of traditional medicine practitioners.

Born a carrier of many earth and water spirits, and one who is in constant prayer on behalf of others, Mandaza receives visions and dreams, makes offerings, performs healing rituals, and serves as a messenger for the Ancient Ones.  Mandaza was doing ceremony with Academy students on a sacred site when Cecil the Lion was hunted in his home country of Zimbabwe.

Mandaza indigenous knowledge teaches us the way to become “living prayers” in service of the One Spirit that exists in all things. He lives in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and travels internationally as a Peacemaker.

With special guest presenters and indigenous healers/medicine people to be announced throughout the upcoming year!

 *Presenters and topics are subject to change at any time without notice.

“It was a wonderful magical time, energy and place. Truly transformational, and now it’s time to start my part of the bargain – to begin to transform things.” Richard Grainger, 1st Year Participant

Typical testimonials from the Lion’s Mouth:

  • Feeling solid, grounded and connected.
  • Being in the present, knowing the future will take care of itself. 
Looking forward to next steps.
  • Feeling equipped and capable, ready to enact one’s life’s dream.
  • A sense of having found one’s true passion, and the practical tools to express it.
  • Feeling fired-up, ignited, brighter and clearer – in love with one’s body and with life itself.
  • Feeling humbled and ready to serve.


Enrolment requirements:

Academic qualifications are not a requirement.
Candidates are selected upon completion of a motivational letter of intent and 3 referral letters. Your University qualifications will be considered along with your life skills. A completed Admissions Application Form is required.

Four Essential Qualities the Admissions Committee looks for:

1) An understanding that our universe is intelligent/meaningful – and a willingness to look for ‘the signs’.
2) An appreciation of interconnectedness of life – and a preparedness to make the connections.
3) An openness to receive important information – and a willingness to use such knowledge constructively.
4) A respect for the life-affirming properties of the Sun – and a readiness to ‘serve’ light and life.

If you are familiar with self-improvement practices, leadership training, or survival guides, your background is likely to be of benefit to you. However, the White Lion Leadership™ training is designed to take you much deeper – to the source of your true power and your purpose on earth.

IMG_2922-resize-repIn this deeply nurturing and encouraging environment, the annual intensive training offers a platform to explore the fundamental questions that will shape consciousness for a positive future.

The training activates the heart to enable future leaders from all walks of life to become powerful agents of change, willing to challenge existing paradigms and champion new approaches to life. To become such a leader, each of us needs to make one simple shift; from an insecure, exploitative, need and greed ‘consumer culture’ to a confident, loving consciousness that holds deep reverence for the sanctity of life and Mother Nature.

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* Revenue from tuition and course fees is directed to ensuring the White Lions’ survival in their natural habitat *

LionHearted Leadership™ provides the tools to REAWAKEN YOUR HEART. That is the Quantum Shift that will change your world.




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