Meet our new General Manager – Martin Quinn

Martin started his career in wildlife conservation at an early age and has spent most of his adult life being involved with African wildlife and conservation issues, both in the private and government sectors. His portfolio included a wide range of aspects related to conservation and wildlife management for the past 20 plus years.

This included anti-poaching, wildlife rescue and release programs, management of certain ethical wildlife centres, development of and upgrades to private wildlife reserves and conservancies. Martin has done wildlife film work and ran his own wildlife management company, which included educational projects, development projects and a wildlife advisory service to the private sector. On top of that Martin has the ability to communicate with our four-legged and often two-legged friends and firmly believes in the simple Sioux saying ‘We are All One Under the Same Skye’.

His work has taken him to many parts of the African continent and he has been fortunate to experience some amazing adventures and projects along the way. He is very passionate about grassroots education and strongly believes that the future of Africa’s wildlife heritage lies in the hands of young people who should be given every opportunity to be further involved in the uniqueness of this Continents wildlife.

Martin shares with us: ‘I have followed the development and progress of the Global White Lion Protection Trust since the very beginning and have finally ‘reached home’ as the General Manager of a very worthy NPO. Lions have been an important and almost an essential part of my career and so it is only natural to have been drawn, by unknown and unquestioned forces, to the GWLPT.

Obviously, I hope to use my previous experiences and management knowledge to further improve the GWLPT operations for the betterment of the lions, the staff, the immediate environment and local communities. I am proud to wear the GWLPT logo on my shirt and hope to be involved in this incredible project for many years to come. Thank you to all those involved in ensuring the future of this iconic species…The White Lion.”

Welcome on board Martin!

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