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Lion Name:

Marah – whose name “Ma-Ra” means Mother of the Sun, was the sacred lioness prophesized by the African elders, born in a death camp in Bethlehem, South Africa.



Known For:

Hunting, strength, power, and motherhood.

Meet Marah

After Linda and Jason fought for her freedom for 6 years, and finally released her and her cubs into the wild in 2006, Marah formidably shattered all misperceptions about White Lions being unable to hunt and survive in the wild. Not only did she hunt successfully, but she raised her cubs (Zihra, Letaba and Regeus) to adulthood under free-roaming conditions and taught them to hunt self-sufficiently within weeks of gaining her freedom. Her hunting success rate was comparable to the wild-born tawny lionesses that were observed in the same environment, under the exact same conditions, and the wasteland flourished and restored into a Paradise under her pawprint.

In gifting a Day of Freedom to Marah, you will support her royal lineage who survives and flourishes in their natural heritage lands, against great odds.

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  • Yasmine Daniel
    June 24, 2018

    Thank you Marah and Linda for your amazing story, example and courage. I am moved beyond words. Thank you. Much love, Yasmine.

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