Regulus heart of Leo constellation, returns to claim his place in the heavens

Since founding the Global White Lion Protection Trust in 2002, we have experienced losses and tragedies, but more importantly we have celebrated many more cases of rescues, successful introductions into the wild and lion prides flourishing and growing. These successes are owed not only to the dedicated White Lion team involved on the ground and supporters around the world, but, of course, to the White Lions themselves.

These majestic beings are a beacon of Light and Love in an ever-changing world that is daily marked by ecological tragedies and disasters, of which COVID-19 is simply a symptom. The White Lion prides are now thriving in the Heartlands of their endemic habitat, prove to humanity that there is still hope and time to reverse the wrongs and damages done to our Mother Earth.

Through the years, a few of our beloved lion family have chosen the StarLion’s way to do deliver their message for humanity, by ascending back to the Stars, to their ancestral realms. Whilst their departure from the Earthly plain brings heartache to those who remain, we know that the StarLions continue to walk the Star Plan from their place in the Heavens.

This is the case of our dearest luminary cub, Regulus, who passed on suddenly a little while ago on the brink of the current global health crisis. Regulus, just 13 months old, beloved and only son to Gaia and Regeus, grand-son to Marah, and brother to Fomalhaut and Aldebaran, moved on to the Stars, to join his baby sister Antares.

True to his name – Regulus being the Heart of the Leo Constellation – this luminary now radiantly lights up the skies, at the dawn of the Age of Leo/Aquarius.

Thus, the four luminous ‘Royal Stars’ born to Gaia, now hold their place on Earth as it is in the Heavens.

The synchronicities around his death must be noted – the sudden and unexpected passing of a perfect cub (born to Gaia, “Sacred Mother Earth”) at this time of crisis for humanity holds a message that must be deeply heeded.

His passing coincided with the week of collective dreaming, during the Academy for LionHearted Leadership™, during which process, all participants and several local traditional healers were working with the 9th Law of Co-Creation: to receive Dreamtime guidance on how humanity must protect Mother Earth’s Sacred Natural Sites.

The guidance received could not be more relevant than during this global world health crisis. The Dreams showed that humanity can emerge from this crisis, stronger, healthier and happier; however, it demands a quantum shift to ensure a sustainable, ecological future.

In a word, we must embrace an ecocentric rather than egocentric approach that recognises the sacredness of Nature. Inevitably, this must become the new normal, the status quo, and the central focus of service-based leadership.

The entire Global White Lion Protection Trust team has been grieving little Regulus’s early departure. While mourning never gets easier, we learn to live reverently with these emotions, celebrating and honouring the departed one’s higher purpose in the midst of these transformational times.

It is also relevant that Regulus’ passing fell on the 4th anniversary and celebratory memorial of the ascension of the King of Kings, Mandla, and the 6th anniversary of the passing of South Africa’s great Lion Leader, Nelson Mandela.

Beloved Prince Regulus, LionHeart of the Heavens, we thank you for the Light that you brought to Mother Earth, however briefly in physical form, alongside the joy and vibrance that you brought to your formidable mother, father and sisters. May the enlightenment you brought us be everlasting. Your absence is felt not only in your own Pride, but across the Heartlands – yet, we know that we need only to look up to the African night sky to see you shine your Light ever more brightly down upon on Earth, leading the way in a new era of flourishing and celebration of all planetary Life for all those whose hearts are awakening…

“Bayete, Royal HeartStar of the Heavens, Bayete!!”

By Linda Tucker,

With gratitude to Eleni Gkikakis and Margo Naude


  • Dianne Brause

    Reply 17/04/2020 3:18 pm

    I remember the moment we realized that Regulus had died while being cared for by the White Lion Team! While I did not know him well, I was grief-stricken by his passing and could not imagine why he had chosen to leave the Earth plane at such an unnaturally early time in his life! Now, several months later, with the global pandemic affecting the entire planet, it somehow seems prophetic! Perhaps, Regulus was needed more in the heavens than he was here on Earth? Perhaps he is helping to guide the consciousness here on Earth to recognize this pandemic as a more serious “heads up” to humanity that we need to drastically change our ways if we truly want to survive into the future! Perhaps the pandemic is the Creator’s way of giving another warning call as well as a great invitation to actually become who we were meant to be? Perhaps we now have the opportunity to “open up” in a new way–much more akin to the vision of a world that works equally for all, in harmony with every other part of our world? Perhaps his passing was his regal gift to our planet to actually begin to recreate a “Garden of Eden”? Blessings and Love to you, Regulus! May you remain forever in our hearts! Thank You!
    Dianne G Brause

  • Susan Beayni

    Reply 17/04/2020 6:46 pm

    With deepest gratitude for all of you who support the White Lion Protection Trust and those on the ground who do so much to keep the lions and land safe.

    Many blessings to you ALL as we create the world we want to live in, a world of peace, harmony, kindness and deepest LOVE.
    In the spirit of UBUNTU

    Susan Beayni
    Toronto, ON
    M1J 2R2

  • Christine Kuhlman

    Reply 17/04/2020 10:24 pm

    I write this with tears running down my face. I never had the privilege to meet precious Regulus or his parents or siblings but they all touched my heart so deeply. I read your Email shortly after reading about 164 wolves being shot in the Tsongas National forest in Alaska. All such precious animals–all such sentient beings that have so much to teach us.may they all guide us from above and may we as two leggeds learn to be more like them. they have so much to teach us. My heart and spirit grieve their loss and i am in deep gratitude for their gift to the Great Mother Earth. With deep love and gratitude for all you do for them. Christine Kuhlman

  • Regina Watkins

    Reply 18/04/2020 4:34 pm

    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of little Regulus. I had the honor of visiting the White Lion Sanctuary in October of 2017 when Gaia and her brother first arrived. My heart grieves for the loss of this precious little lion. I know his short time on earth had a message to us all.
    Thank you for taking care of these wonderful lions and sharing them and their stories with us.

  • Llani Marina C.

    Reply 18/04/2020 7:32 pm

    I send a warm embrace of love to you, Linda & Jason.
    He’s gone to fulfill his higher purpose, as we miss his luminous being here on earth. Be well little one, thank you for shining & sharing your starlight here on Mater.

  • Kelly Kelsey

    Reply 19/04/2020 12:04 am

    Sending love from Kauai to all the lionhearted kin in this dance of transformation. I give thanks for the blessings flowing and offer condolences for the loss of the embodiment of this precious one!

    Thank you for this lovely tribute and sharing the love on so many levels!

  • Ingeborg Donhauser

    Reply 21/04/2020 4:37 pm

    Dear Linda,
    I am still full of love and thankfullness to you and the WHITE LIONS! My heart feeIs still near, even several years have passed, since I have been with you the second time. Anyhow it has been every time the most deepest an fullfilling experience I ever häd in my life. My rooms are full of Photographies of the WHITE LIONS and every day I speek with them.
    Thank you so much, dear Linda, and all luck of our earth to you,, your wonderfull people and all the animals! Stay healthy!

  • Heidi Handsaker

    Reply 22/04/2020 5:43 pm

    Thank You and Bless You Immensely, for sharing this most crucial and sacred story of precious Regulus ~ All of the Divine Symmetry and Interstellar connections here are beyond Inspiring ~ The Destined Missions of your StarLions are eternally humbling and healing and heart-wrenching, in how much they give to our Earth and Heavens… With Pure Respect, from Heidi in Montana, USA…

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