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May 5th 2011: Royal Pride thriving in the Wild and ready for next steps!


The Royal Pride is doing fantastically in their natural habitat, and they are ready for the next exciting steps as the white lion conservancy expands!

 With Zihra leading the way, the Royal Pride has honed the necessary skills to survive and dominate in their natural environment. The pride has hunted prey as large as adult male kudu, waterbuck and eland. A few months back the Royal trio – Nebu, Matsieng and Zukhara – went on two solo hunting missions and showed that they have what it takes, when they successfully hunted an adult wildebeest in each instance. Mandla held his own when he was confronted face-to-face by the neighbouring Kapama male lion (8 yr old wild born black-maned tawny lion) in a territorial dispute. And this morning Mandla showed his mettle when he led a warthog hunt, excavating a huge warthog boar from its night-time burrow – Zihra having taught Mandla and their 3 offspring the skill of hunting warthog and avoiding their razor sharp tusks that can inflict serious injury.

 In honoring the natural social organization that exists in lion prides, the two subadult males – Matsieng & Zukhara – are ready to leave their natal pride to establish their own territory and pride. A protected territory within their natural habitat awaits them. Meanwhile Mandla and Zihra will have another litter of cubs, ensuring the continuation of their genetic lineage that is of the highest pedigree, and Nebu will assist Zihra to raise the cubs.

 The genetic research to find the unique code for the white lion that is critical to having the white lions protected by law, is now well underway thanks to the incredibly generous donations of Andrew Harvey’s Sacred Warriorship School, and the Corelight Brazilian Group – special thanks go to Brad and Leslie, Jill and Andrew, Paulo and Chris; João and Sueli; Joan Kedziora, Dr Linda Bender, Donalea and Dianne, Paule & her husband, and Debbie Smith Berlin. World-renowned geneticist Dr Stephen O’Brien (National Cancer Institute, Maryland USA) has agreed to collaborate and assist with the complex genetic research to identify the genetic marker. Our thanks also go to the Johannesburg Zoo in South Africa for providing samples from their lions for the study.

 With the ongoing support of our inner circle, members, and some extraordinary donors, the WLT is set to further expand its conservancy and the protected area for the white lions. Thus the need to step up our fundraising campaigns for the growing ‘running costs’ of the greater white lion conservancy. But there is no greater reward than seeing a 14 yr old male lion (Mandla) that had a price on his head to be ‘canned hunted’, living free and hunting with his pride.

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