SA Proposed Biodiversity Management Plan to put lions at greater risk!

The Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT) has sent an urgent letter of objection to the Director-General of Environmental Affairs, highlighting major concerns about the proposed National Biodiversity Management Plan (BMP) for Lions in South Africa (Gazette No. 38706).

As the proposed Biodiversity Management Plan stands, it will 

1)  legitimise the notorious malpractice of captive breeding and hunting of lions i.e. ‘canned lion hunting’ 

2)  increase the demand for hunting of wild lions for parts, and 

3)  put wild lion populations in SA at greater risk by down-listing the conservation status of lions in South Africa from
Vulnerable to Least Concern.

To read the letter that Jason Turner, lion ecologist for the WLT, has sent to  The Director-General: Department of Environmental Affairs  CLICK HERE

How you can help…..

1) Support only airlines that refuse to transport animal parts

2) Boycott airlines that are willing to carry animal parts

3) Support only animal sanctuaries/zoos that raise funds through foundations in support of wild animal conservation

4) Boycott any centre or zoo that breeds lion cubs or offers cub petting

4) Send a letter to your local Congressman or MP to take this cause to Congress/Parliament

Click here for further guidelines on how you can help….



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