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21 ‘Most Asked’ Questions About White Lions Answered!

White Lions are exceptional and amazing creatures. Contact us if you have any more questions about them or our project –

Download the 21 ‘Most Asked Questions’ compiled by our Lion Ecologist – Jason Turner (pdf format)

1.) Are the White Lions albino lions?

2.) Where do the White Lions originate from?

3.) How did White Lions disappear from the Timbavati?

4.) Their white colour stands out in the wild - can White Lions camouflage themselves in order to hunt for themselves?

5.) Are the White Lions currently classified as an 'endangered species'?

6.) Why are White Lions not classified as 'endangered' and officially protected if they are so rare in the wild?

7.) Is there any 'evidence' indicating that White Lions can be classified as a subspecies?

8.) What is the main focus of the Global White Lion Protection Trust?

9.) Once the genetic marker is known, how can this research protect the White Lions?

10.) How do the Trust's objectives fit into those of the IUCN?

11.) You indicated that the Global White Lion Protection Trust is following precedents to classify the White Lions. Can you elaborate?

12.) What evidence exists to show that the Global White Lion Protection Trust's 'Scientific Reintroduction Project' has been successful?

13.) Some say the White Lions in your Reintroduction project are being 'bred in captivity' because the lions are kept in cages. Is this true?

14.) How do you monitor the progress of the White Lions in your Reintroduction Project?

15.) Can one expect any casualties in your Reintroduction Programme?

16.) When were White Lions last spotted being born wild in the Timbavati region? Can any lion produce white offspring?

17.) When were White Lions first spotted in the wild and how many are there world-wide?

18.) Has anyone else ever tried to reintroduce White Lions back into the wild?

19.) Will the White Lions in your project ever be in contact with other lions?

20.) What is your response to the purist scientific view that nature should take its own course?

21.) What are the 'critical next steps' to having the White Lions protected?