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Lion Name:

Mandla’s original name was Aslan (meaning ‘StarLion’). He was specifically given a public name to protect his identity after he was rescued in a dramatic undercover operation from a notorious cuddle-to-kill hunting facility in Bethlehem.

Known for:

Roaring, lengthy back-roars at night, hallowed greetings at dawn, infinite gaze, commanding instructions to his pride and human pride members.


A Day of Freedom is what it costs our non-profit organisation to ensure the freedom and safety of every single one of our lions every single day –  free-roaming in the heart of their Protected Area, as is their nature-given right.

By donating a Day of Freedom for Mandla you are supporting his royal lineage who survives and flourishes in their natural heritage lands, against great odds.

1 Day of Freedom costs: $ 85

Meet Mandla

On the anniversary of the death of his namesake, Nelson Mandela, Mandla was buried beneath the ancient baobab tree in the Heartlands, 5th December.

Like Marah, Mandla’s mother was forcibly removed from the natural ecosystem. The gentle giant, who had spent most of his life caged in a death camp, but the last years in glorious freedom in the Heartlands hunting self-sufficiently with his pride, passed painlessly and peacefully of old age.

Many of our friends and supporters shared parts of his extraordinary journey with us, from the Tsau Heartlands to the Holy Land.

In gifting a Day of Freedom to Mandla, you will support his Royal Lineage who survives and flourishes in their natural heritage lands, against great odds.

Having graced many images etched in our hearts, including the cover of Linda Tucker original work, Mystery of the White Lions, his pawprint may be fading from the sands, but his wisdom will never be forgotten.

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