Maurice and the White Lions

Maurice has been involved with the Global White Lion Protection Trust since the late 2000s, and was a founding Faculty Member of the Academy, launching it together with Linda Tucker on 5 July 2012 – a critical date in the StarLion Calendar betokening the birth of Enlightened Leadership – and has been presenting on the 12th Law of Aspiration “Rediscover the Stars” ever since.

Maurice Fernandez

Acclaimed international Evolutionary Astrologer

President of the Organisation of Professional Astrology (OPA), organiser of astrology conferences, notably the River of Stars in Hawaii, and Kundalini Yoga master.

Maurice has been practising astrology for more than twenty years with a passion to interpret planetary cycles as a way to live meaningful and healthy lives. He was born in Africa, and moved to Israel as a teenager where he was first exposed to astrology in a professional way. It was a natural language for him and provided an incredible understanding about the nature of existence. To provide a more spiritual experience to the study of astrology, he often combines it with the practice of Kundalini Yoga along with immersion into nature.

He is particularly interested in further developing inter-species communication to bridge consciousness between humans, animals, vegetation, and minerals. This holistic approach helps with the original intention to align our lives on earth with the greater cycles of the planets and universal Truth.

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