Lion Name:

Zihra is one of three ‘Rays of Sunshine’ born to Marah, Mother of the Sun. The word ‘Zihra’ means ‘first Ray of Sunshine’ in the Islamic root languages, just as the names of her brothers, Letaba (African) and Regeus (Latin) mean the same in the other two root languages.

Known for:

Attentiveness, fearless huntress and Queen of the kingdom.


A Day of Freedom is what it costs our non-profit organisation to ensure the freedom and safety of every single one of our lions every single day –  free-roaming in the heart of their Protected Area, as is their nature-given right.

1 Day of Freedom costs: $ 85

Meet Zihra

Supreme beauty, unchanged by age and circumstance since first being sighted at her mother’s side, Zihra has grown into the ultimate queen.

Loving, bold and courageous, she herself is now an incredible mother of her own three cubs, and a fearsome hunter. Although she’s never lost her playful nature, engaging in ‘stalk and chase’ games with her cubs since birth, she has lost her heart to the sublimely handsome Assegaia. Together with her fiercely beautiful daughter, Nebu, the three now form the Royal Trinity, with the ancient burial site at the baobab tree providing their central Temple.

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