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Lion Name:

Mandla who’s original name is Aslan (meaning “StarLion”), was specifically given a public name to protect his identity after he was rescued from a notorious canned hunting operation in Bethlehem



Known For:

Roaring, morning grumpiness, lengthly back-roars at night, beautiful eyes, patrolling Shidolo camp borders.

Meet Mandla

On the anniversary of the death of his name-sake, Nelson Mandela, Mandla was buried beneath the ancient baobab tree in the Heartlands 5th December. The gentle giant, who had spent most of his life caged in a death camp, but the last years in glorious freedom in the heartlands, passed painlessly and peacefully of old age.

Many of our friends and supporters shared parts of his extraordinary journey with us.

In gifting a Day of Freedom to Mandla, you will support his royal lineage who survives and flourishes in their natural heritage lands, against great odds.

His paw print may be fading from the sands, but from the Timbavati Heartlands to the Holy Land; his wisdom will never be forgotten.

Read the Tribute to Mandla

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