This Festive Season, let your Christmas gifting be measured in Days of Freedom for the StarLions

You may know that the original Heartlands of the White Lions is an ancient sacred site, declared protected by African kings for many hundreds of years before South Africa’s National Park was designated. It is here, in the epicenter of the Kruger to Canyons (a UNESCO Biosphere region) that the Global White Lion Protection Trust has secured approx 4400acres of wilderness heritage lands – which  heartlands are sadly surrounded by predator-proof fencing to ensure the lions’ protection, since beyond our borders legalized commercial trophy hunting of lions still takes place.

Our NPO performs the responsibilities we should all be demanding from our governing authorities: protecting nature as a regional, national and global heritage.  In the midst of a global lion crisis that treats Africa’s most sacred animals as a killing commodity in cross-border trade, we have created a safe haven where these magnificent kings and queens of animals can not only live in dignity, but perform their critical physical and metaphysical purpose of restoring balance in one of the most important ecosystems in the world – and inspire a shift to true service-based LionHearted Leadership™ in humanity.

In White Lion territories, we measure value in terms of Days of Freedom: essentially what it costs our non-profit organisation to ensure the freedom and safety of every single one of our lions every single day –  free-roaming in the heart of their Protected Area, as is their nature-given right.

This figure for one Day of Freedom is (conservatively): US $85

This Christmas, we invite you to consider measuring your gifting amongst your friends and family in terms of Days of Freedom for nature’s luminaries. In the White Lion Heartlands, the living legend of the White Lions as “StarLions” shines brightly in the hearts of our conservation team and our communities.

Click here to read the profile of each lion in our project, every one of whom has an epic story to tell.

Here’s how you’d calculate it:

1x Day of Freedom for one lion of your choice: $85

1x Week of Freedom for one lion of your choice: $595

1x Week of Freedom for the Tsau pride:  $2380

(Cleopatra, Tswalu, Matsieng and Zukhara)

1x Week of Freedom for the Royal Trinity: $1785

(Nebu, Zihra and Assagaia, their sacred warrior guardian)

1x Week of Freedom for Letaba’s pride: $2380

(Letaba, his son, Ingwavuma II, Khanyezi and Khanyisa)

1x Week of Freedom for Regeus’s pride: $3570

(Regeus, Gaia, and her 4 new-born Royal Tots)

1x Month of Freedom for each of the prides: 4x 1 Week.

*When you donate, please indicate which lion or which pride you wish to ensure freedom for.

Click Here to Donate 

If you donate…

1 x day of freedom for your lion of choice you will receive a personalised electronic thank-you card

1 x week of freedom for your lion of choice you will receive three stunning, professional, high-res digital images of the lion(s) of your choice, and monthly email updates on the prides.

1 x month of freedom for your lion of choice you will receive accommodation for 2 nights for two people* at our Camp Unicorn (2x daily game drives included)

10 x weeks of freedom for your lion of choice you will receive accommodation for 2 nights for 2 people* in our VIP romantic treehouse, overlooking the Heartlands and the Drakensberg mountain range (2x daily game drives included).

*Subject to availability. To be claimed within 1 year of donation. Applies to future bookings only.

Email Christelle with proof of your donation to create your personalised gift today!

Example of a personalised thank-you card (one Week of Freedom for Ingwavuma)


You may also consider making a project-specific donation for one of the urgent requirements/equipment to assist our tireless conservation efforts:


Lion tracking collars (AWT VHF collars) = $386 each x 5
Lion tracking VHF radio-receiver: (Communication Specialists R-1000) = $1542 each x 3
Thermal Vision Monocular (FLIR Scout III 640) (for night monitoring of lions and anti-poaching / security) = $3855
Research Data Recorder (CAT S30 8GB Rugged Smart Phone): = $343 each x 2
Laptop computer for research analysis & lion tracking data (IBM Thinkpad) = $1285
Portable gas / thermo-electric fridge: (National Luna) = $1028
Anti-poaching fence for Mbube lion territory = $21415
Anti-poaching security fence for Mbube with Hi-Tech zoning alarm system for WLT property = $42830
Anti-poaching Vehicle (4×4) (Toyota Landcruiser S/W 4.2D 4×4 2nd Hand) = $12849
Fuel for Anti-Poaching vehicle: ($300 / month = $3600 / year)
Servicing of Anti-Poaching vehicle = $3084 / year
Vehicle Repairs on Anti-Poaching vehicle (2nd hand vehicle) = $2141 / year
K9 anti-poaching unit trained by K9 Conservation ( Specialist handler ($685 / month) & trained K9 dog (Belgian malinois) = $2998
K9 anti-poaching unit: camouflage uniform & equipment = $857
Dual Battery System (for spotlight & fridge): National Luna = $334
Research assistant (Field Technician) = $343 / month [$4116 / year]
Vehicle for Eco-Education / Community-conservation Program (Toyota Quantum 2.5D) = $25698

Gaia – Queen of the night

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