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21 ‘Most Asked’ Questions About White Lions Answered!

Q&A with Jason Turner, Senior Scientific Advisor and Lion Ecologist of the Global White Lion Protection Trust – updated August 2015

Download the 21 ‘Most Asked Questions’ compiled by our Lion Ecologist – Jason Turner (pdf format)

Question 1 - Are the White Lions albino lions?

Question 2 - Where do the White Lions originate from?

Question 3 - How did White Lions disappear historically from the Timbavati and Kruger National Park?

Question 4 - Now the genetic marker is known, how can this research protect the White Lions?

Question 5 - Are the White Lions currently classified as an 'endangered species'?

Question 6 - Why are White Lions not classified as “endangered” and officially protected if they are so rare in the wild?

Question 7 - Is there any 'evidence' indicating that White Lions can be classified as a subspecies?

Question 8 - What is the main focus of the Global White Lion Protection Trust?

Question 9 - Their white colour makes them conspicuous in the wild – can White Lions camouflage themselves in order to hunt for themselves?

Question 10 - How do the White Lion Trust's objectives fit into those of the IUCN?

Question 11 - You indicated that the Global White Lion Protection Trust is following precedents to classify the White Lions. Can you elaborate?

Question 12 - What evidence exists to show that the Global White Lion Protection Trust's 'Scientific Reintroduction Project' has been successful?

Question 13 - Some say the White Lions in your Reintroduction project are being 'bred in captivity' because the lions are kept in cages. Is this true?

Question 14 - How do you monitor the progress of the White Lions in your Reintroduction Project?

Question 15 - Can one expect any casualties in your Reintroduction Programme?

Question 16 - When were White Lions last spotted being born wild in the Timbavati region? Can any lion produce white offspring?

Question 17 - When were White Lions first spotted in the wild and how many are there world-wide?

Question 18 - Has anyone else ever tried to reintroduce White Lions back into the wild?

Question 19 - Will the White Lions in your project ever be in contact with other lions?

Question 20 - What is your response to the “purist” scientific view that “nature should take its own course”?

Question 21 - What are the 'critical next steps' to having the White Lions protected?


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