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Help us build the Megalithic Stone Monument for Nature

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As you probably know, the White Lion Heartlands on the golden leyline of the Nilotic meridian has been recognised as a Sacred Site for many hundreds of years by African kings, and last year was officially declared a founding Sacred Natural Site by ASSEGAIA: Alliance for Sacred Sites of Earth Gaia. Given this auspicious and prophetic history, it’s no surprise that many incredible, legendary things happen on the lands.

In the Heartlands, where our entire team spent the COVID lock-down on-site, with all visits to White Lion territories at a standstill for the entire year, our project focused on building a Sacred Temple on the Sacred Site. Since many of our staff were effectively out of a job, including our beloved chef Enelani and lodge manager Agnes, we set about planning how all skills could be turned to laying the foundations for what will become more than a national monument. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes in the heart of the White Lion Kingdom, the intention for this Template is to honour all living kingdoms, to create a meeting place for all cultures and creeds of humanity who serve Nature in loving reverence.

We are proud to share the unstoppable spirit of LionHeartedness in the face of adversity, and our vision for the future. With deepest enthusiasm, we invite you to join us in funding the construction of this beautiful bushveld Temple, which is designed to last for 7 generations. Please feel free to donate any amount you feel called to – any donation will be warmly appreciated. By contributing any amount to this cause, a quartz crystal will be loving laid in your honour on the entrance path leading up to the Temple. When you visit the Heartlands, it will be your own pilgrimage to honour Mother Nature’s Temple that you have generously helped build.

Click here to read more about the inspiration behind the Sacred Temple, and view a gallery of spectacular images and videos from throughout the construction process.